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GGC-179d  "BUST BASHERS"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 This match pits blonde Robin, in a cute orange bikini against dark haired Jill.  Two girls of equal size go all out in a fast paced battle between a surfer queen with tanned body and flaxen hair and the well built Italian beauty queen.  The catfight ends with a whimpering, broken los....
GGC-180a  "TAG TERRORS"   (29 mins.)
 This tag match has the two oriental girls, Tamayo and Debbie in matching striped bikinis, battling blondes Shelly and Belinda who wear revealing blue and white teenies.  The American girls are bigger and bustier, but definitely not any meaner than the Japanese Tamayo and pert Hawaiian Deb....
GGC-180b  "TAG TERRORS"   (26 1/2 mins.)
 This is a six girl tag team match, with buxom  Belinda as referee. On one side is Robin, the gorgeous blonde in a print bikini, and newcomers Les, in white, and Sheran, in pink. Across the ring are the darker haired girls, Jill in blue, Leslie in a multicolor, and Hawaiian angel, Debbie. ....
GGC-182a  "RING RIOTS"   (16  mins.)
 This match features busty Shelly in black in a brutal battle with sexy Les in white.  The violent action accelerates quickly as both girls are equally bent on destroying each other. These are two of the sexiest blondes ever, and their near-perfect bodies are subjected to real punishment u....
GGC-182b  "RING RIOTS"   (17  mins.)
 The arrogant and tough Leslie faces the equally aggressive Pam in this match.  The dislike these girls have for each other is evident as the fighting starts even before their tennis shoes are removed.  Each girl uses airplane spins and leg locks, and the match becomes a grueling test....
GGC-182c  "RING RIOTS"   (10  mins.)
 Black meets white in this heated match.  Striped bikinied Vanessa matches holds with demure blonde Kerry. These girls are out to injure one another and our camera catches the intensity of this really violent battle.  The combat ends with a completely dominant straddle that leaves the....
GGC-182d  "RING RIOTS"   (13 1/2  mins.)
 This match has blonde haired Robin in a white one piece against strong Leslie in black.  Robin's lithe body is airborne quite a bit as Leslie airplane spins her around the ring.  There are many great holds and moves in this match and if you like violent feminine hair pulling, kic....
GGC-183a  "WRESTLING AMATEURS"   (19 mins.)
 Next up we see the small blonde Cindy in a black bikini against gorgeous Pam in pink.  Cindy tries to prove that spirit and determination can make up for her lack of size and strength.  Her squeaky little voice is a refreshing contrast to Pam's deeper moans of distress.  The....
GGC-183b  "WRESTLING AMATEURS"   (15 mins.)
 In this match tiny Jill in black battles with blonde Les in pink.  The ferocity of this fight intensifies as the girls verbally and physically abuse each other.  Their bodies are truly battered and bruised in this angry onslaught.  A humiliating end comes when one loser whines a....
GGC-183c  "WRESTLING AMATEURS"   (17 mins.)
 California blonde Robin in pink does combat with tiny Cindy in a leopard print. Cindy is cruisin' for a bruisin' as she confidently taunts her larger opponent.  Neck scissors, hair pulling, and choking don't seem to wear down these two bundles of dynamite in this never ending ....
GGC-184a  "THREE HARD FOUGHT BELT MATCHES"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Charlie  "The Golden Cat" takes on fiery Belinda, in a light blue and white bikini.  Golden Cat is wearing a black bikini with gloves to match.  She looks menacing in manner and action as she demonstrates a variety of holds.  Belinda, anxious to hold on to her bel....
 Next we have a two out of three fall belt match refereed by Robin.   Golden Cat, in an exotic black one piece, battles dynamite blonde Leora in light yellow.  Charlie's larger frame is no real advantage as Leora makes use of her quickness, experience, and ability.  The ....
GGC-184c  "THREE HARD FOUGHT BELT MATCHES"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 This match features sexy  Belinda in a gorgeous blue bikini, dueling with pretty Leora in a light pink and blue suit.  The action begins with airplane spins and leg scissors, then intensifies with flips, hair pulling, and head smashing against the posts.  The match finally ends ....
GGC-185c  "MORE TOPLESS TUSSLES"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 This topless tussle features blonde haired Robin in black against  Lynn-Marie in red. Lynn-Marie applies some painful scissors holds and begins to wear down Robin. No doubt here who is the aggressor.  Robin, though, does not give in easily and makes this match worth your while. Ti....
 Highlighted in this match is beautiful Quiche in a red bikini versus gorgeous Lisa in black.  Although this isn't a totally topless match, the girls have a hard time concealing their femininity.  They truly attempt to destroy each other with nasty punches, hair pulling and kickin....
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