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GGC-17b  "TOPLESS ACTION"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Nancy the svelte beauty who battled in the mud in GGC-7 tangles with Blond Barbie in our apartment house setting.  The nighties reveal a lot of the battlers and the language is brutal.  An erotic apartment catfight with a helpless loser. Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 113.4 Mb / Form....
     This match features Pam -vs- Sally in a very heated battle.  They twist and strain their sweating bodies as one bare breasted beauty is intent on choking the life out of her opponent. The fully exposed gladiators administer many agonizing holds to each other until one fair m....
    This match is between hard bodies Sally -vs- Jill. Both are out to win but one beautiful topless maiden takes the lead and starts torturing her petite super vixen opponent.  The girls glisten with sweat as they struggle in the most intense battle ever filmed. Finally one....
GGC-217a   "BAD GIRLS"   ( 24 1/2 mins.)
   This spectacular match begins in a living room setting as three friends (Jill, Monica, and Pam), relaxed in skimpy bikini's, realize they aren't bosom buddies after all.  Accusations fly as two beautiful blondes gang up on the slender brunette.  Total domination with p....
GGC-221a "DEADLY REUNION" (27 mins.)
   This heated match starts in a living-room setting as Sally (MISS 1989 U. S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), accuses Jill of doing an unspeakable act.  Soon, two beautiful bodies in skimpy bikinis collide as a one-sided cat fight erupts with many wrestling holds as well as well place....
  This match features two sisters, blond Chelsea and brunette Dawn, dressed in street attire at their apartment fighting over lost money.  The girls trade insults, punches, slaps, and choke holds with each other while struggling toward winning. Dresses ride up lovely thighs only to be disc....
GGC-223a  "DOMINATION DELIGHT"   (29 mins.)
  Giant Alisa, in a black bikini, and her friend Karla, in black spandex and T-shirt, against petite Dawn, in a bikini. Karla caught Dawn breaking into Alisa's car and heaves Dawn into Alisa's apartment.  Alisa accuses Dawn of using her car phone and racking up huge phone bills. &n....
GGC-223b   "DOMINATION DELIGHT"   (24 1/2 mins.)
  This apartment fight spotlights 3 bikini clad battlers.  Shelly, sporting purple, and Rita, in pink, are angry at Denise, in a leopard skin, for stealing their car.  Unfortunately for Denise; Rita and Shelly came home on the bus to kick her ass but Denise had other ideas as the war ....
GGC-224a  "CAT POWER"   (18 mins.)
 An apartment battle erupts between Denise, in a red bikini, and Shelly, in a breast popping Hawaiian print bikini. Denise is angry because Shelly forgot to let the cat out and proceeds to stomp her ass, wrapping her powerful thighs around Shelly's neck.  Endless deep throated groans c....
GGC-39a  "TOPLESS TROUBLE"   (27 mins.)
 Sue and Leslie engage in a thirty minute apartment house melee as the undergarments go flying.  This match features vivid color and wild action and Sue looks devastating in her red bra and black panties.  Leslie really works over the brash blonde and the ending is dramatic. Time: ....
GGC-40b   "FIGHTING FANTASIES"   (12 mins.)
  Our two raven haired beauties, Elsa and Vicky battle in an apartment catfight and are interrupted in their destruction derby by a male intruder, who ends up having to wrestle both beauties at once. Vicky tries her best, but she can't keep her breasts contained in her sexy negligee. Tim....
   This sexy match has our "California Girl" blonde Robin taking on two separate men in a mixed maul. Time: 10 minutes / 74 Mb / Format .mp4   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------....
GGC-40d  "FIGHTING FANTASIES"  (11 1/2 mins.)
 In this scene, Jill and Leslie get in a heated catfight. The door bell rings and Spice enters thinking she is coming to a party but is tricked into going outside by the mud pit. As usual, her mouth gets the best of her and soon an argument erupts. The girls at the party have had enough and wan....
GGC-41b  "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 Our two raven haired beauties,Elsa and Vicky battle in an apartment catfight. Vicky gives it her best, but she can't keep her breasts contained in her sexy negligee. Then a male intruder interupts their destruction derby! Time: 12 1/2 minutes / 89.1 Mb / Format .mp4  ....
GGC-41c  "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (10  mins.)
 Our "California Girl" blonde Robin takes on two separate men in a mixed maul.  No faking in this violent match.  This movie has a vast variety of wrestling positions and should satisfy everyone's taste. Time: 10 minutes / 73.2 Mb / Format .mp4   --------....
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