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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-54b  "FELINE FURY"  (14 1/2 mins.)
   Elsa in a black and gold bikini gets in a choking contest with white bikinied blonde Debbie. These two look like they want to do away with each other permanently. They strangle each other on the mat, on the ropes and all over the ring. A choking sleeper hold finishes off the loser for g....
GGC-55a   "THE CHAMP"   (15 mins.)
  This match was Elsa and Kim's idea.  After battling each other in an oil match in GGC-29 they both wanted a piece of each other in the ring.  Exotic Elsa in a maroon bikini really attacks the blonde and well built Kim, who wears a brief black and white bikini.  This rematch....
GGC-55b   "THE CHAMP"   (16 1/2 mins.)
  This match features tough Spice in a black and purple bikini in a rough match with white and blue bikinied Elsa. These two match holds and throws with the best of them in one of our most intense matches ever.  The winner applies a devastating Boston Crab to finish off the victim. Time....
GGC-55c   "THE CHAMP"   (20 1/2 mins.)
  Spice, in a candy striped bikini, matches holds with darling gold bikinied Debbie in a match showing expert domination of one girl over the other.  These three matches are more intense than ever as these beautiful but competitive women battle for the right to be the best of Golden G....
GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.)
  Pink French cut suited Goldie arrives with her Amateur Championship Belt to battle powerful purple suited Spice.  Goldie figured that after dispatching Spice twice in a row that the belt was hers.  This dramatic and dynamic two out of three fall riot shows without a doubt the realis....
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GGC-71a  "BRAWLING FOR THE BELT"   (29 1/2 mins.)
 Spice, the current Golden Girls champion, is challenged by athletic stunt girl Cindy in a two out of three fall spectacular battle.  This epic fight is a bikini battle with white clad Spice giving blue bikinied Cindy all she has.  The brief suits show off the muscular fitness of both....
GGC-71b  "BRAWLING FOR THE BELT"   (21 1/2 mins.)
 Petite but extremely tough Elsa challenges the new champion, Cindy.  Elsa, who wears a yellow striped bikini to do battle with Cindy, in a purple French cut suit, has shown a tremendous improvement in every new battle.  The fiery Latin is amazingly strong for her size, and with her c....
GGC-72a  "TOTAL LOSERS"   (27 1/2 mins.)
 Busty, Elsa, the fiery black haired Latin tangles with our fair blonde, Sue, who looks delectable in her pink bikini.  Don't feel sorry for Sue, for she is a veteran of the Southern California mud pits and although her figure looks like perfection, she can dish it out with the best of....
GGC-72b  "TOTAL LOSERS"   (18 mins.)
 Red bikinied Spice introduces tiger clad Kelly to the real world of Golden Girls. One girl beats the other in two straight falls in a convincing fashion.  Now, before you guess, we must tell you that Kelly has wrestled many times before in California rings and this dark haired vixen has l....
GGC-73a  "BLONDE BOMBERS"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 Svelte Nancy in a gorgeous blue and white bikini battles Sue, who wears a net black bikini to contrast her milky white skin.  Sue has trouble keeping her top over her exquisite breasts as these two pin-ups show you moves that will make you marvel at their athletic ability.  These are....
GGC-73b  "BLONDE BOMBERS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Debbie, in a creamy white bikini, clashes with leopard bikinied Nancy.  These two are almost exactly even in height and weight, and a hectic brawl is the result of their apparent dislike for each other.  The sleek Nancy punishes cute Debbie for a while and then the well built strawbe....
GGC-78a  "3 MATCHES OF  PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (19 mins.)
 It was bound to happen!  Two black girls against two curvy blondes in a wild tag team battle.  The ebony skin of Peaches is placed in a candy striped bikini and Kai Kai's tawny body is highlighted in a snowy white bikini as they battle tiny blonde Sue in a skimpy pink suit and go....
GGC-78b   "3 MATCHES OF  PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (15 1/2 minutes)
   Blue bikinied Peaches battles yellow suited Kelly in another wild bout.  Peaches fights street style and Kelly seems to have been raised in a different environment as Peaches dishes out a real beating. Time: 15 1/2  minutes / 113.1 Mb / Format .mp4 ....
GGC-78c   "3 MATCHES OF  PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (19 1/2 minutes)
   This match, black vs. white, features leopard suited Kai Kai with the black Bo Derek hair against black bikinied Belinda with the milky white skin.  These two are a real match for each other and baby faced Belinda soon realizes she is in the ring with a real she....
GGC-79a  "BLONDE SHE-CATS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Statuesque Kim in a yellow bikini takes on the smaller but quicker Sue, whose body looks like a statue in a leopard bikini.  These two blondes have met before and this bout is the best of their battles.  Both have wrestled for several years in Southern California and both know all th....
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