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Nude Savage

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FV-108a   "Roman Rivals"   (18 mins.)
 Filmed in a poolside setting reminiscent of a classical Roman villa, two bored aristocrats, statuesque Tina, and her gorgeous counterpart Dawn goad their young female slaves into a fight to the death, to settle a bet.  The two youngsters are desperate and throw themselves at each other wi....
FV-108b   "Roman Rivals"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 Tina, and her gorgeous counterpart Dawn complain that their slave fight hadn't been fair.  Tempers  flare and, predictably, another fight starts between these equally brutal and more powerful women.  They are both more than ready to strip off their elegant robes and take eac....
FV-146a   "GAZUMPED"   (41 1/2 mins.)
 Felix and Lee turn up to view the stockbroker-belt house that wealthy Felix is thinking of buying. Things don't get off to a good start when Sindi, clearly in a bad mood, reveals that she's more or less accepted a better offer from a rival agent. Tempers flare, and soon Felix and Sindi....
FV-146b   "GAZUMPED"   (21 1/2 mins.)
 When Sara decides to enjoy a quiet read she finds that Amandahas taken her magazine without even asking. This is too much for the leggy and busty Scotswoman who throws herself at her sturdy rival. After subjecting her victim to a lengthy pin she gives her another chance, but first they strip e....
SV-20a  "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (26 mins.)
 This spectacular nude catfight opens with an erotic scene of athletic and beautiful Pam in a shower scene reminiscent of the one done by Angie Dickenson in the film "Dressed to Kill".  When Leslie is finished she hears a noise in the living room and discovers that she has a....
SV-20b  "RIPPED TO SHREDS"   (29 mins.)
 Alexandra, who has appeared in TV's "Days Of Our Lives" and "The Jeffersons", is a girl of thrilling proportions and cover girl looks.  In our new apartment setting, Debbie, in a baby blue negligee argues with her blonde roommate, who is in a stunning turquoise tea....
SV-21a  "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (28 mins.)
 Only a man could drive these two glorious beauties to the heights of jealousy that you will see in this non-stop nude riot.  Powerful Pam has it out with willowy Debbie, a blonde with perfect proportions.  The cameraman catches each choke and scream as the battle unfolds to see which....
SV-21b  "SLAUGHTER FOR STEVEN"   (29 mins.)
"Featuring Belinda Bell (owner Steel Kittens) completely nude !"      Beautiful Belinda Bell meets blonde Bridgett in the bedroom of their apartment.  One girl has just wrecked the other's new car and you can imagine what follows.  The fight is ....
SV-22a  "SMORGASBORD"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 In this brawl, our popular Pam is awakened in bed by the statuesque Kelly, who returns after a night with her roommate's boyfriend.  Pam's white nightie is soon ripped off and Kelly's flashy blue dress also falls to the floor.  This fight over a man gets downright dirty a....
SV-22b  "SMORGASBORD"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 In this fight, beautifully built blonde Debbie is lounging in the hotel room of Noel's husband.  Sipping wine in her light blue teddy she is attacked by the outraged wife, Noel.  Noel's white business suit soon is gone and these two fight in a catfight so intense that th....
SV-22c  "SMORGASBORD"   (10 mins.)
 Pam, Kelly, Belinda Bell, Debbie and Noel are all sitting in the living room enjoying some drinks and food when a battle royale erupts. The five are soon bare and wine and food soon become weapons of war. They all get their share of domination, but suddenly one girl becomes the center of ....
SV-23a  "FIGHTING FELINES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Blonde Melissa is lounging in her red and white striped leotards when her roommate Belinda Bell appears in a striking white dress.  Money is the root of all evil as it seems Belinda has gambled away all the rent money.  A violent bare-assed battle erupts as these two get adamant with....
SV-23b  "FIGHTING FELINES"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 The popular Pam takes on the sexy dark haired newcomer, Noel.  Returning to their apartment after a night out on the town, they soon have a violent argument about each other's actions at the local disco.  Promptly, each loses her white evening dress and soon just lovely limbs and....
SV-23c  "FIGHTING FELINES"   (16 mins.)
 Two pretty blondes lounge in their bedroom after a strenuous day on the tennis court.  Melissa, in a pink robe, argues with white robed Debbie about their extra curricular activities with the tennis pro. What results is a hair-pulling all out nude catfight on their bed in a real life matc....
SV-24a  "ROOMMATES"   (20 mins.)
 This match begins with Lisa, Pam and Linda discussing the fact that they are such good friends and roommates that they never have had an argument.  They wonder what would happen if they did argue and the dream sequence of all three fights follows.  In the first fight it'....
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