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GGC-139a  "MIXED MEANNESS"   (22 1/2 mins.)
 Because pound for pound we feel that most males have more muscle content in their bodies, we decided to match diminutive Mike against two similarly weighted female opponents, allowing the girls to tag-off when necessary.  First Mike challenges Shelly and Belinda, both in black and white b....
GGC-139b  "MIXED MEANNESS"   (21 1/2 mins.)
 This sexy match puts Mike against Belinda in an aqua bikini and tough Stevie in a white top and red bottom. Mike soon finds he is being overwhelmed and soon rips both girl's bras off.  What follows is the sexiest mixed match we've ever filmed.  The attempt to embarrass the tw....
GGC-187a  "MIXED MANIA"   (11 1/2 mins.)
 Mike returns for retaliation after being devastated by Belinda's bare breasts in GGC-139.  Belinda looks tough and ready as she lets Mike know he's in for a good fight.  The match becomes extremely violent as someone's head is continually smashed against the post.  W....
GGC-187b  "MIXED MANIA"   (11 1/2 mins.)
 This match features Charlie, "The Golden Cat", against Hank, our male newcomer. This match proves that female domination can be rather exciting as big and bad Charlie makes use of her muscular legs.  She punishes Hank with savage kicks and other surprises.  Never under esti....
GGC-203a  "CUSTOM BASHES"   (12 mins.)
 This bout features a mixed match which can't be compared to any other.  Wild Kim, clad in a seductive black mini skirt and muscle shirt, totally dominates poor Shawn whom she recently confronted in a bar and challenged him to a brawl.  Upon arriving at Kim's apartment, Shawn ....
GGC-209a  "MIXED FANTASIES"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 This is a mixed battle with S & M overtones.  Shelly in black-bikini, gloves, high heels and mask carries a whip to enforce discipline upon the smaller, shorter man, Nucci.  Although Nucci is fairly well built, Shelly's superior size enables her to dominate him  for most....
GGC-209b  "MIXED FANTASIES"   (15 mins.)
 Lovely Pamala in a white zebra striped suite battles Mitch, who has a fine looking well toned body.  Mitch's strength pushes Pamala to the limits.  However, Pamala retaliates with many expert moves, holds, throws, and kicks that leave Mitch dazed.  Finally a strong body scis....
GGC-29   "BARROOM BRAWL"   (30 1/2 minutes)
 This great film features a hot oil wrestling sequence in a California night club.  Kim and Elsa are introduced to the audience and Kim does her sexy strip act prior to the bout.  Next Elsa arrives and does a dynamic belly dance for which she has become famous in Southern California, ....
GGC-41a  "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (14  mins.)
 Buxom Beth is matched against handsome Jim and both male and female taunt each other in the Golden Girls's ring. Both man and woman inflict pain on each other as both try valiantly to be superior. Time: 14 minutes / 105 Mb / Format .mp4   ------------------------------....
GGC-41b  "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 Our two raven haired beauties,Elsa and Vicky battle in an apartment catfight. Vicky gives it her best, but she can't keep her breasts contained in her sexy negligee. Then a male intruder interupts their destruction derby! Time: 12 1/2 minutes / 89.1 Mb / Format .mp4  ....
GGC-41c  "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (10  mins.)
 Our "California Girl" blonde Robin takes on two separate men in a mixed maul.  No faking in this violent match.  This movie has a vast variety of wrestling positions and should satisfy everyone's taste. Time: 10 minutes / 73.2 Mb / Format .mp4   --------....
GGC-80a  "MIXED MISERY"   (14 mins.)
 Mike, the referee of GGC-78's tag riot goes to the mat himself against two of Golden Girl's finest.  A fine amateur wrestler himself, he shows both girls holds they have never seen. He first does battle with white bikinied blonde  Sue, and as you can see, is only slightly lar....
GGC-80b  "MIXED MISERY"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Mike takes on our Golden Girl's Champion, the fiery Elsa in a red bikini.  Elsa matches Mike's strength and over matches him in desire.  This bout is as real of a mixed match as you will ever see, with plenty of holds and even some dirty moves on each combatant's part. &n....
GGC-97a  "MIXED MISERY"   (13 1/2 mins.)
 Mike does battle with two of our most powerful girls in this exciting feast of mixed misery.  In the first bout he takes on Renee, of the powerful frame and huge chest.  The buxom blonde flies all over the ring in her pursuit of the smaller male, as Mike counters with a variety of ex....
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GGC-97b  "MIXED MISERY"   (14  mins.)
 This bout pits bikini clad Spice in a brutal battle with Mike.  These two know all the holds and alternate in inflicting pain on the other.  Mike's quickness makes up for his lack of size and he constantly pretzels the athletic dark haired Amazon.  Spice's contempt for t....
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