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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-172b  "MEAN AND LEAN"   (16mins.)
 Black meets white, and black and yellow striped bikinied Vanessa matches holds with our little dynamite blonde Leora.  Vanessa, who is a real scrapper, is devastated by the non stop attack of our quickest and most aggressive young fighter.  It's a matter of quickness, experience ....
GGC-173a  "KONA THE BARBARIAN"   (16 mins.)
 Kona the Barbarian enters the squared circle with a blonde slavegirl , who prepares her for Kona's bout with Stevie.  Kona's magnificent body is encased in chains, plumes and fur, waistbands and jungle garb.  The slavegirl removes the accessories one by one and prepares the B....
GGC-173b  "KONA THE BARBARIAN"   (14 mins.)
 Leora , in blue, does battle with Stevie , who wears a violet two piecer with leopard top. These two athletic battlers smash heads into ring posts, use keester bumps, airplane spins and intense battling as gorgeous Leora dominates Stevie almost throughout.  A sudden move and a crushing ba....
GGC-173c  "KONA THE BARBARIAN"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 In this special interest match, two platinum blondes wrestle in bikinis and high heels.   Sue , in black battles red outfitted Crystal in a match almost entirely composed of scissors holds and body punching. One absolutely gorgeous blonde is handcuffed to a ring post and taunted and humil....
GGC-174c  "BRUISED BOSOMS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Two of our biggest women, huge pro Golden Katt in a black bikini and giant blonde Shelly.  Even though Katt is a pro she is surprised and battered by our voluptuous amateur who is a master of headlocks and leg holds.  The giant Golden Katt shows Shelly why she's a pro and a rolli....
GGC-175a  "BARBARIC BATTLES"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Returning to the Golden Girls' mat is Kona the Barbarian who recently destroyed athletic Stevie. Kona in a black top and leopard skin loincloth attacks sweet blonde Kerry in another savage display of animal ferocity.  Again making unintelligible grunts and sounds, the black haired sav....
GGC-175b  "BARBARIC BATTLES"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 This is an intense bikini bout between bountiful Shelly and the dark haired Russian, Mindy. Attired in a bright red bikini that barely covers her huge bust, blonde haired Shelly attacks the gorgeous Mindy, outfitted in a black and blue two piecer that accentuates her perfect body.  This b....
GGC-175c  "BARBARIC BATTLES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Buxom blonde Pam, in a black and white print bikini challenges ebony star Vanessa in a white and blue striped bikini.  The black girl's taught body is subjected to a terrific onslaught by the aggressive white girl and tender white skin vies with a firm sepia form as this classic confr....
GGC-177a  "NEWCOMERS"   (17 mins.)
 Blonde Les in a bright blue bikini which does her magnificent body justice battles Lynn-Marie who is wearing soft peach.  Lynn-Marie's huge chest and powerful body is exposed to a new hellcat of the ring as the champagne blonde gives it all she's got.  Les is quite a woman an....
GGC-177b  "NEWCOMERS"   (11 mins.)
 This match features some frantic fighting done for our TV special as fabulously figured Sue battles well built Stevie before an audience and the television cameras.  With all the spectators around, the two beauties are spurred on to a fierce battle. Time: 11 minutes / 80 Mb / Form....
GGC-177c  "NEWCOMERS"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 Sweet Sheran, Goldie's sister, is a full figured blonde newcomer who battles dark-haired Jill.  Sheran, in blue, gropes around the ring at times as you can see that she is inexperienced in the squared circle as black tressed Jill covers her with deft moves and holds.  Sheran, tho....
GGC-177d  "NEWCOMERS"   (12 mins.)
 This match is a treat for all girl grappling fans and occurs as California blonde Robin, in a sleek black swimsuit grapples with white clad Mindy.  Both suits are scooped at the top and skinny at the crotch and both spectacular bodies look like they are encased in form fitting paint rathe....
GGC-178a  "FLYING FURY"   (15 mins.)
 Now for the semi-pro fans comes newcomer Tamayo, with oriental heritage, long raven hair, boots, a form fitting white suit and seasoned wrestling knowledge to battle big and bad Charlie, "The Golden Cat".  Wearing a blue swimsuit, boots and white handball gloves, Charlie looks m....
GGC-178b  "FLYING FURY"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 A great bikini bout between green bikinied Belinda and cerise suited Spice. Two of our greatest girls ever give you a lesson in leglocks and scissors holds.  Spice is slightly larger but you can rely on bountiful Belinda to give any amateur in the world today a lesson in pro moves and lig....
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GGC-178c  "FLYING FURY"   (13 1/2 mins.)
 This match features booted "Golden Cat" and pretty blonde neophyte Sheran in a wrestling lesson.  Sheran, in a blue and red suit, and also barefoot at times looks like a punching bag as bad Charlie pummels the sweet looking blonde with fist and boots.  Sheran fights back an....
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