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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-148a  "BRAZEN BIKINIS"   (19 mins.)
 Big busted Shelly pops her top (for a moment) in an all out battle with spicy Leora.  Shelly, in a black bikini, tries to dominate the tiny tiger, but Leora shows all of the fight and heart that she displays in every match she's in.  Soon Leora has the big girl at a disadvantage ....
GGC-148b  "BRAZEN BIKINIS"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 Lynn-Marie wearing a striking white bikini battles bountiful Belinda in a tri-hued outfit.  Both girls are well trained and the sounds of agony accentuate this fierce struggle.  Muscle definition aplenty as each girl stretches, squeezes and crushes her opponent in as good a match as ....
GGC-148c  "BRAZEN BIKINIS"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 Belinda next battles the sun goddess, Pam, in an aqua and black stringed outfit which initiates a riotous match between two well endowed and superb Southern California cuties.  Belinda, with her pro training certainly is over confident in this one and didn't count on the strength of t....
$13.00 $10.00
GGC-149a  "BOOTED BATTLES"   (20 mins.)
 Belinda, wearing white boots and an Olympic looking red, white and blue swimsuit, battles Charlie (The Golden Cat). Charlie wears an aqua outfit and mean looking black wrestling boots to battle the talented Belinda. The Golden Cat is menacing in manner and action as she punches Belinda at will....
GGC-149b  "BOOTED BATTLES"   (19 mins.)
 This match features Charlie with her boots, a white tank top and black and white bottom dueling with Lynn-Marie in a French cut white one piecer.  These two certainly disdain each other and their match is a classic of pro-style pyrotechnics.  Lynn's white suit covers her athletic....
GGC-14a  "VIXEN VIOLENCE"   (18 mins.)
  Sexy Sue in a devastating white bikini battles the busty, long haired Elsa. Sue can't keep her body in her suit. Time: 18 minutes / 131.6 Mb / Format .mp4   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------....
GGC-150a  "CUSTOM CLASHES"   (21 1/2 mins.)
 This custom match was shot for an individual collector and will provide you with the bizarre in an special interest DVD.  First, Sue in a yellow bikini faces Pam in black as both girls wrestle the entire match in high heels!  Handicapped by their spiked heels they still manage some f....
$15.50 $11.00
GGC-150b  "CUSTOM CLASHES"   (23 1/2 mins.)
 Blonde Robin tangles with long haired Kat in another special interest bout for one of our customers.  The long haired Kat (whose hair hangs almost to her knees) is dominated by the sexy blonde Robin throughout the match and Robin even uses Kat's hair as a weapon against her.  The....
GGC-155a  "THE CALIFORNIA DOLLS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Three hotly contested bikini brawls constitute this movie, offering three of our prettiest blondes.  In the first match Stevie, decked out in a black outfit tangles with curvy blonde Sue in a teeny red swimsuit.  Stevie displays a variety of holds on the smaller girl and airplan....
GGC-155b  "THE CALIFORNIA DOLLS"   (17 mins.)
 Sue takes to the mat again with equally stacked and aggressive Pam.  Every strain of Sue's perfect body is accentuated in her brief green and yellow striped bikini as she struggles violently to escape Pam's all out attack.  Pam works on Sue's legs throughout the bout, dra....
GGC-155c  "THE CALIFORNIA DOLLS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Stevie, in a black and white leopard bikini challenges Pam to a match with super wild action.  Bronze bodied Pam looks like a gorgeous body builder as she starts to devastate the unaware Stevie.  Hold after hold is then applied by Stevie in a thoroughly mad attempt to humiliate the o....
GGC-157a  "THE TOUGH ONES"   (19 mins.)
 Big brazen Shelly enters the ring with the Championship Belt, a fur jacket and a hot pink bikini. Tough girl Belinda, in a blue robe and black bikini thinks it's about time the belt changes hands.  These two busty broads clash in an intense display of pro holds, Keester bumps and high....
GGC-157b  "THE TOUGH ONES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Violent and crude Spice, with multi colored bottoms and a blue bra challenges Golden Cat, slimmer and trimmer in a black and red bikini. Both girls are over 5' 9" and have tough, muscled bodies with curves to match  and both have wrestled pro-style for a few years.  You'....
GGC-157c  "THE TOUGH ONES"   (16 mins.)
 Our fiercest girl, busty Belinda in blue challenges the Golden Cat in a tough girl contest.  Belinda's speed confuses the red bikinied Cat as she swarms all over the larger lass.  When Cat does catch Belinda she tries to crush her with her bodyweight and tries to mangle Beli....
GGC-172a  "MEAN AND LEAN"   (31mins.)
 This exciting match goes for a half hour to a one fall finish as a six girl tag offers some of the hardest and most intense fighting ever.  Each team wears identical bikinis and the blue striped team has small blonde Cindy, our Champion Belinda and the Russian beauty Mindy in a violent di....
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