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GGC-101a  "OUTSIDE OIL"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Gorgeous blonde Sue, in a violet bikini, tangles with svelte and blue bikinied Nancy.  These two slip and slide in our outdoor oil pit, and the intense struggle drapes both girls over the edge of the pit many times.  Even though it is difficult to keep a hold in the oil, these two ag....
GGC-101b  "OUTSIDE OIL"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 Policewoman Kelly enters the scene and checks the action.  Soon she's a slithering slimy mess as she's pulled into the pit by a brazen blonde, Nancy.  These two provide an oil erotic splendor as they battle until one greased gladiator has had enough. Time: 14 1/2 minutes /....
GGC-101c  "OUTSIDE OIL"   (17 mins.)
 Violent and tawny newcomer, Terri, in a red striped bikini shows blue bikinied Kelly what hot oil wrestling is all about.  This titanic struggle is between two tough and athletic girls and Terri will surprise you with her gym hardened and athletic body and grim determination.  Every ....
GGC-132a  "JUST DESSERTS"   (35 1/2 mins.)
 Three beauties, blonde Sue, husky Leslie and willowy Jill get into a violent argument in an apartment house setting.  While Sue manages to keep her undergarments on, the other two are not so fortunate.  Desserts and syrups of every description are smeared, pushed and squeezed into an....
GGC-202a "SWEET TREATS" (46 minutes)
 Start with three beautiful girls....  Creamy QUICHE, Erotic LYN-MARIE, and Cute KERRY....  Add some gooie foods like macaroni, ketchup, coleslaw, and other gourmet delights, topped off with sweet pastries and chocolate syrup....  And what do you have?....  One of the most e....
GGC-20c  "COMBINATION MATCHES"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 This is a messy mud rematch between bikini clad Leslie and Nancy with striped bottoms and tee top.  A lot of falls in this wild melee until one girl has her top torn away. Time: 12 1/2 minutes / 94.3 Mb / Format .mp4   -------------------------------------------....
GGC-25a  "HOT OIL WRESTLING"   (16 mins.)
 You have never witnessed anything to compare with the sensuous spectacle of two beautiful, curvy women trying to maintain a hold while covered with slippery oil. In the first match Blonde Sue battles the vibrant and sensual dark haired Vicky. Both girls battle in bottoms with white tee shirts.....
GGC-25b  "HOT OIL WRESTLING"  ( 17 1/2 mins.)
  In this oil match, Sue dons a French cut red one piece suit to slip and slide against statuesque Kim, who dons a blue V-cut swimsuit which barely covers her vital statistics. These two are experienced mud wrestlers and really go at it. The oil brings a transparency to their suits and the....
GGC-25c  "HOT OIL WRESTLING"  (11 mins.)
This exciting match was filmed in a night club setting with Elsa and Kim getting oiled up for the croud. Time: 11 minutes / 79.3 Mb / Format .mp4   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ....
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GGC-25d  "HOT OIL WRESTLING"  (14 mins.)
 In this match newcomer and curvy Jill slops it out with Leslie in our outside mud pit. Time: 14 minutes / 108.8 Mb / Format .mp4   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The comple....
GGC-29   "BARROOM BRAWL"   (30 1/2 minutes)
 This great film features a hot oil wrestling sequence in a California night club.  Kim and Elsa are introduced to the audience and Kim does her sexy strip act prior to the bout.  Next Elsa arrives and does a dynamic belly dance for which she has become famous in Southern California, ....
GGC-40d  "FIGHTING FANTASIES"  (11 1/2 mins.)
 In this scene, Jill and Leslie get in a heated catfight. The door bell rings and Spice enters thinking she is coming to a party but is tricked into going outside by the mud pit. As usual, her mouth gets the best of her and soon an argument erupts. The girls at the party have had enough and wan....
SV-22c  "SMORGASBORD"   (10 mins.)
 Pam, Kelly, Belinda Bell, Debbie and Noel are all sitting in the living room enjoying some drinks and food when a battle royale erupts. The five are soon bare and wine and food soon become weapons of war. They all get their share of domination, but suddenly one girl becomes the center of ....
FB-110  "SWEET CREAM"   (29 mins.)
 Three sensationally gorgeous girls dressed in cocktail dresses, garter belts, silk stockings, and high heel pumps prepare for a large banquet.  Ultimately a battle erupts and their expensive cloths are ruthlessly smeared with baked beans, ketchup, mustard, and over 40 cream pies!  Ga....
GGC-7b   "BATTLING BABES"   (16 mins.)
    This mud match is a magnificent event with two seasoned mud wrestlers fighting to a no holds barred conclusion.  Leslie and newcomer Nancy fight to a vicious finish and production helper Barbi is brought accidentally into the fray.  We didn't plan it this w....
Based on 1 reviews.
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