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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-129a  "BANGED UP BODIES"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 Mindy, in a sexy blue one piece suit takes on fiery Belinda, in a lavender bikini in the opening bout.  Mindy's suit exposes a sexy, muscular body, as hellcat Belinda attacks the bigger girl with reckless abandon. One of our great struggles of all time, as these girls fight to extinct....
GGC-134a  "GORGEOUS GLADIATORS"   (15 mins.)
 California blonde Robin, in a white one piece garment battles Sue, clad in a revealing yellow and black bikini.  The two devastating blondes are almost equal in size and strength as they battle to see who is the best small girl in our group.  No love lost here until one blonde stomps....
GGC-134c  "GORGEOUS GLADIATORS"   (15 mins.)
 A newcomer appears in this match, as white suited Patti battles honey blonde Robin.  Robin's red bikini looks super as she makes a rare appearance in a two-piece suit.  Patti is green in the ring but is full of fight as she tries to match the experience of the smaller girl.  ....
GGC-138a  "PULVERIZING PROS"   (25 mins.)
 The professional girls return to the Golden Girls own arena in this new exciting DVD.  At great expense we flew Marie LaVerne and Kay Noble to California from their Texas homes especially for this slam-bang ring riot!  To professional fans these are two of the most famous names ever ....
GGC-138b  "PULVERIZING PROS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 The two pros go at it in an action packed single match.  Kay has always been known as Girl Wrestling's most high-flying participant and shows Marie, famous in the 70's for being wrestling's most beautiful girl, why she has earned the reputation.  Almost exhausted from the....
GGC-140c  "NEW BUST BATTLES"   (16 mins.)
 This match highlights Belinda, in a lavender and white two piecer against Patti, who debuted in GGC-134.  You'll see why Belinda, with her aggressive style has become one of the stars of all of amateur fighting as she climbs over the svelte Patti with a variety of holds.  Patti i....
GGC-141a  "BLACK BRUTALITY"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Our new sepia star makes her appearance in this one hour DVD along with a new dark haired lovely who'll soon become an all-time favorite.  Vanessa is a perfectly proportioned black girl with a classic face and she battles honey blonde Leora in her opening battle.  Ebony skin....
GGC-141b  "BLACK BRUTALITY"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 Cindy, in a red and white striped bikini battles dark haired newcomer, Dorothy.  Dorothy is a classic beauty, but what a battler! About halfway through their match Dorothy suddenly is unable to continue and fantastically beautiful black Vanessa enters the squared circle to battle Cindy. &....
GGC-141c  "BLACK BRUTALITY"   (16 mins.)
 A superb match, as a well stacked favorite, blonde Pam in a yellow and black bikini battles tough, tiny and terrific Leora. Wow, what a fight as you instantly sense that both girls will not walk out of the ring losers. What determination as first busty Pam and then petite Leora vent their ange....
GGC-142b  "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (10 mins.)
 This match is a rematch of a battle in our last supplement wherein Patti, in a red and black bikini thinks she now can whip Robin, our blonde "California Doll".  Robin shows why her four years on the mat has not been wasted against the improved and potent Patti. Time: 10 minu....
GGC-142c  "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (16 mins.)
 In a classy combination, sweet blonde Sue battles Dorothy, our new dark haired vixen with the body of a voluptuous woman and the face of a teenager.  The white bikinied Sue enjoys finally battling a girl her own size.  Although not a topless match, the ferocity of the battle exposes ....
GGC-142d  "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (12 mins.)
 This match pits another neophyte, Kat against beautiful Belinda.  With a tattoo below her left shoulder and hair which falls almost to her knees, Kat is one of the most unusual looking girls ever to climb into our ring.  Belinda uses Kat's long tresses as a weapon against their o....
GGC-144c  "BUSTY BITCHES"   (18 mins.)
 This bout is a bikini match with "Sweet Savage" Cindy sporting a striped black and yellow bikini doing battle with pink clad Stevie.  Both combatants are quick with their moves and vast in their knowledge of holds and counter holds.  Flying mares abound in the action and st....
GGC-145a  "10 GIRL TAG"   (58  mins.)
 A ten girl tag riot with one full hour of non-stop action.  Never before has any promoter, amateur or pro, filled a ring with ten females for a tag team contest, let alone fill it with ten dynamic, well built and gorgeous gladiators.  Mike referees this donnybrook to a best of t....
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GGC-147b  "RING ECSTASY"   (21 mins.)
 This match is a bikini bout featuring two talented newcomers.  Charlie "Golden Cat" Haynes wears a blue and white bikini to battle a frilly pink suited Lynn-Marie.  The latter girl has milky white skin and jet-black hair and has the classic beauty everyone cherishes.  ....
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