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GGC-121a   "A NEW CHAMP"   (61 minutes)
  After several months of inactivity, our championship belt came up for grabs in a series of super matches.  Elsa, our tiny hellcat, who held the cherished belt was challenged by equally diminutive Sue, our blonde beauty.  Sue in a one piece black outfit has learned a lot of wres....
GGC-121b   "A NEW CHAMP"   (15 1/2 minutes)
  Spice, still smarting from her defeat and loss of the belt, thinks Sue will be easy pickings.  The powerful Spice, in blue, pulverizes our blonde beauty in as lopsided a match as you can imagine.  Sue is tangled on the ropes and begs for mercy as the bigger girl belts her ....
GGC-121c   "A NEW CHAMP"   (19 1/2 minutes)
   The battle of the century!  Shelly, our big and dominant blonde challenges Spice to a winner take all donnybrook.  Spice is adept at all the pro moves and flips the blonde around the ring with her wide variety of holds.  Shelly responds the only way she knows ho....
GGC-138a  "PULVERIZING PROS"   (25 mins.)
 The professional girls return to the Golden Girls own arena in this new exciting DVD.  At great expense we flew Marie LaVerne and Kay Noble to California from their Texas homes especially for this slam-bang ring riot!  To professional fans these are two of the most famous names ever ....
GGC-138b  "PULVERIZING PROS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 The two pros go at it in an action packed single match.  Kay has always been known as Girl Wrestling's most high-flying participant and shows Marie, famous in the 70's for being wrestling's most beautiful girl, why she has earned the reputation.  Almost exhausted from the....
GGC-149a  "BOOTED BATTLES"   (20 mins.)
 Belinda, wearing white boots and an Olympic looking red, white and blue swimsuit, battles Charlie (The Golden Cat). Charlie wears an aqua outfit and mean looking black wrestling boots to battle the talented Belinda. The Golden Cat is menacing in manner and action as she punches Belinda at will....
GGC-149b  "BOOTED BATTLES"   (19 mins.)
 This match features Charlie with her boots, a white tank top and black and white bottom dueling with Lynn-Marie in a French cut white one piecer.  These two certainly disdain each other and their match is a classic of pro-style pyrotechnics.  Lynn's white suit covers her athletic....
GGC-157a  "THE TOUGH ONES"   (19 mins.)
 Big brazen Shelly enters the ring with the Championship Belt, a fur jacket and a hot pink bikini. Tough girl Belinda, in a blue robe and black bikini thinks it's about time the belt changes hands.  These two busty broads clash in an intense display of pro holds, Keester bumps and high....
GGC-157b  "THE TOUGH ONES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Violent and crude Spice, with multi colored bottoms and a blue bra challenges Golden Cat, slimmer and trimmer in a black and red bikini. Both girls are over 5' 9" and have tough, muscled bodies with curves to match  and both have wrestled pro-style for a few years.  You'....
GGC-157c  "THE TOUGH ONES"   (16 mins.)
 Our fiercest girl, busty Belinda in blue challenges the Golden Cat in a tough girl contest.  Belinda's speed confuses the red bikinied Cat as she swarms all over the larger lass.  When Cat does catch Belinda she tries to crush her with her bodyweight and tries to mangle Beli....
GGC-171a  "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 Tall, pretty pros start this DVD with a bikini match as the "Golden Cat", in a black bikini battles Debbie, known as "Killer Tomato" in ring circles. Debbie, in a steel gray bikini, is as tall and talented as the Golden Cat and looks formidable with a wild perm of blon....
GGC-171b  "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (16 mins.)
 "Killer Tomato" takes to the mat with Ace Hatem, also known as the "Silver Streak".  Ace wears silver boxing trunks, a gym tank top, and boots to battle the red and black clad Debbie. Two fine pros in full dress display all of their ring knowledge by using hammerlocks,....
GGC-171c  "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (9 1/2 mins.)
 This bout shows off experienced long dark haired Pepper LaBianco in a zebra outfit versus Golden Cat in a black body suit.  This fierce fight gets out of hand and the ladies eventually don't act like such.  Mean stomps, face gouging and fistfights soon replace all of the scientif....
GGC-174c  "BRUISED BOSOMS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Two of our biggest women, huge pro Golden Katt in a black bikini and giant blonde Shelly.  Even though Katt is a pro she is surprised and battered by our voluptuous amateur who is a master of headlocks and leg holds.  The giant Golden Katt shows Shelly why she's a pro and a rolli....
GGC-178a  "FLYING FURY"   (15 mins.)
 Now for the semi-pro fans comes newcomer Tamayo, with oriental heritage, long raven hair, boots, a form fitting white suit and seasoned wrestling knowledge to battle big and bad Charlie, "The Golden Cat".  Wearing a blue swimsuit, boots and white handball gloves, Charlie looks m....
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