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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-20b   "COMBINATION MATCHES"   (18 minutes)
  This bout introduces blonde Linda DuPree, the wrestling star of "Stripes" in a hugging lavender suit battling Mary, a Hollywood stunt woman in a red one piece suit.  Mary isn't bothered by Linda's reputation and these two warm to the task like they've....
GGC-214 "4 GIRL BATTLE ROYAL" (50 minutes)
     If you yearn for the gutsy action of Pro's, served straight with close in camera work and the sounds of combat instead of distracting commentary, GOLDEN GIRLS has it covered.  Sally (MISS 1989 U.S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), Holly, Cheryl (a petite sculptured bo....
GGC-217b   "BAD GIRLS"   (27 1/2 mins.)
   In this second fabulous match Sally (MISS 1989 U.S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER) and Holly meet in the ring to decide who is the better woman.  These beautiful ladies adorned in small one piece suits go for the throat as they pull hair, slap faces, abuse one-another and try t....
GGC-219a   "THE RING OF PUNISHMENT"   (28 1/2 mins.)
  In a beautiful out doors Palm Springs setting, this match begins as the tall lustrous Alysa announces this bout between Pam and KAO, two gorgeous toned blondes. These beauties adorned in one piece T-Backs pull out all the stops as they throw one another from post to post. Torturous body sciss....
GGC-221b "DEADLY REUNION" (29 mins.)
    This match is fired up by Diane taking money from Christine's (1986 PENTHOUSE PET of the MONTH) purse. These two vixens give a new meaning to erotic wrestling at its best as they take pleasure in hitting, slapping, and kicking one another.  As they go breast to breast in ....
GGC-222b  "PRIVATE SUBMISSIONS"  (23 mins.)
  Two girl wrestlers can't share one man; enter Pam and Kao into the ring!!  Pam, trimmed in a rainbow bikini, has challenged Kao, attired in a tiny yellow bikini, to a fight to stop Kao from calling her man. A running kick to the crouch levels Kao, Pam endures a spanking with Kao'....
GGC-224b   "CAT POWER"   (14 1/2 mins.)
    In this fight Pam and Belinda, buffed and equally matched, battle it out in a outside ring.  Pam, remembering to respect Belinda's wrestling skills, hesitantly steps into the ring at the sound of the bell.  She grabs Belinda's bottoms, briefly exposing ....
GGC-23a  "SALT GETS PEPPERED"   (14 mins.)
 In this movie we introduce two new exciting combatants paired against two of our most capable girls.  Black newcomer Peaches, outfitted in a white trimmed blue bikini catfights with fair Sue, who looks ravishing in her red mini bikini. Peaches isn't too scientific and seems to befuddl....
GGC-23b  "SALT GETS PEPPERED"   (15 mins.)
 Curvaceous Robin, who looks like a true Southern California beach girl dons a white bikini to do battle with Leslie, who looks invincible in her tiny blue bikini.  Both of these long legged beauties have ultra long hair, and the tanned bronzed blonde really gives Leslie all she can handle....
GGC-24b   "WILD WOMEN"   (16 1/2 mins.)
    In the this match, Leslie appears in a black and white striped bikini which only accentuates her magnificent body.  She is challenged by red bikini clad Kara, who is a serious bodybuilder.  There is a test of strength and both girls feel they are superior beings.  O....
GGC-24c  "WILD WOMEN"  (16 mins.)
  Gorgeous Sue dons a white one piece suit to battle dark haired Spice in what starts out as a pro type match.  The experienced Spice, in a black lace cut suit, is an excellent athlete and starts to show Sue that she's in the wrong ring.  Then the action changes, and the girls tur....
GGC-24d  "WILD WOMEN"  (15 1/2 mins.)
  This  match captures the excitement of white bikini clad Nancy and  Sue in red.  Nancy looks and fights like a sleek animal.  After a vicious, revealing catfight one girl wins and taunts the devastated loser. Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 116 Mb / Format .mp4   --....
GGC-30a "CATFIGHTS" (16 mins.)
   In this match, voluptuous black newcomer Kai Kai really tangles with our first black star, Peaches. Kai Kai immediately wanted striped suited Peaches to know that she wanted to be the #1 black star of the stable. Time: 16 minutes / 117.4 Mb / Format .mp4   --------------....
GGC-30b  "CATFIGHTS"   (12 1/2 mins.)
   The California blonde Robin, in a beautiful one piece suit has it out with Vicky who wears a white T-Shirt with a black suspended thonged suit.  Not much science here either, but oh, the instant hate. Time: 12 1/2 minutes / 93.6 Mb / Format .mp4   ------------------....
GGC-30c "CATFIGHTS"  (16 mins.)
   This match features Peaches against big busted Beth in a blue swim suit.  Newcomer Beth thinks she can bully the thinner black girl, but Peaches knows her way around the ring. Time: 16 minutes / 119.6 Mb / Format .mp4   --------------------------------------------------....
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