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Ring Wrestling

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 This is another match where the tiny bikini tops were impossible to keep on.  This frantic match has tough Belinda in yellow against fierce Crissy in white.  Crissy is a hot little newcomer with blue eyes, blonde hair and a gorgeous smile.  Don't let her small size fool you ....
GGC-189a  "BLAZING BIKINIS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 In this match, we have voluptuous Shelly against exotic Quiche.  Their micro-bikinis barely cover their gorgeous bodies.  Shelly uses her overwhelming breasts in her attempts to suffocate Quiche.  Plenty of tough holds and violent action.  An overly sustained leg lock reduc....
GGC-189b  "BLAZING BIKINIS"   (21 1/2 mins.)
 Crystal, in baby blue, does battle with dark haired vixen Lisa, in light pink.  The two long haired lovelies cat fight all over the ring as each girl tries to hurt the other. Unfair tactics lead to violent retaliation which includes biting and choking.  A back breaking hold puts an e....
GGC-189c  "BLAZING BIKINIS"   (13 1/2 mins.)
 In this match we feature pretty Crissy, the recent newcomer, against our very new Ashley, who happens to be Crystal's little sister.  Ashley appears wearing a skimpy black bikini and Prissy is in white, which accentuates her well tanned body.  An airplane spin from the very start....
 It was only a matter of time before two sisters had it out in the ring.  Blonde Crystal, in a bright pink thong bikini battles with her little sister Ashley, in blue. A most unusual match ensues, and all their childhood resentment surfaces with explosive hostility.  Crystal tries to ....
GGC-190b  "MOTHER ALWAYS LIKED YOU BEST"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 This match starts out with incredibly confident newcomer Magnificent Mimi displaying her pumped up arms and legs.  The intensity of this battle is unquestioned as this "cave-woman" gives former belt holder Belinda all she can take.  Throughout the fight Mimi thunderously ro....
GGC-190c  "MOTHER ALWAYS LIKED YOU BEST"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 Crystal in pink takes on dark and sexy Lauren in a leopard print bikini.  Both combatants are quick with their moves and vast in their knowledge of holds and counter holds. Finally, a dominant straddle forces the loser into submission.. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 108.6 Mb / Format .mp....
GGC-193a  "SPICE OF LIFE"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 This is a two out of three fall belt match refereed by Crissy.  Featured are two of the strongest and most athletic of the Golden Girls, honey blonde Leora in a colorful striped bikini and powerful Spice in black.  Spice begins with a series of merciless headlocks.  There's ....
GGC-193b  "SPICE OF LIFE"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 This match features Spice in a red bikini doing combat with violent blonde newcomer Robie in a sexy light blue one piece.  The battle starts out with a series of destructive holds. Being a newcomer doesn't stop Robie from displaying her animalistic ferociousness as she punches her opp....
GGC-193c  "SPICE OF LIFE"   (17 mins.)
 Spice, in an exotic leopard print suit does battle with Sheri in blue, who makes a shapely comeback.  They strangle each other on the mat, on the ropes and all over the ring.  A blow to the knee only makes Spice retaliate more maliciously as Sheri struggles to escape her all out atta....
GGC-194a  "BRAWLING BIKINIS"   (11mins.)
 In the this match  Crystal, with her long blonde mane is pitted against buxom Shelly.  For those interested in heaving breasts and gorgeous legs twisted into unthinkable positions, this match is for you.  A sleeper hold puts an end to this struggling match. Time: 11 minutes /....
GGC-194b  "BRAWLING BIKINIS"   (16 1/2mins.)
 Tough Belinda in a blue bikini, is matched with gorgeous blonde Sue. The busty warriors clash in an intense display of pro holds, crushing leg scissors and hair pulling until one beaten beauty gives up. Time: 16 1/2 minutes / 123 Mb / Format .mp4   ------------------------....
GGC-194c  "BRAWLING BIKINIS"   (14 mins.)
 This match features Crystal in blue against the small but fierce Crissy in pink.  The sexy blondes pounce all over each other pulling hair and bikini bottoms.  Surprisingly one submits in a fit of tears. Time: 14 minutes / 102 Mb / Format .mp4   -----------------....
GGC-194d  "BRAWLING BIKINIS"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 This match has beautiful Sue in a baby blue bikini against Sheran in red.  Sue teaches Sheran a few well deserved lessons. One submits, wincing in pain.  A great DVD for lovers of strong, beautiful women. Time: 14 1/2 minutes / 108.6 Mb / Format .mp4   ....
GGC-195b  "GOLDEN BODIES"   (17 mins.)
 The strong and beautiful Lisa in black battles recent newcomer Holly in a sexy leopard print. Bodies are contorted into the strangest positions exposing every angle of their athletic bodies.  Nasty name calling leads to more violent moves, leaving the loser screaming out her surrender. ....
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