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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-119b  "MAYHEM ON THE MAT"   (14 mins.)
 Two tough blondes claw it out when red clad Pam gives tough Shelly all she can handle. Shelly tries all of her usual tough girl tricks but busty Pam is a bundle of dynamite and an all out war ensues.  One girl is definitely whipped, but for some reason you know she'll be back for anot....
GGC-119c  "MAYHEM ON THE MAT"   (14 mins.)
 This bout has two tiger striped girls, Terri in yellow and Mindy in white.  What a perfect bout as these two evenly matched fighters kick and claw their way to a finish.  Mindy lacks Terri's size and muscular bulk, but as you will see lacks not in determination. Run Time:....
GGC-119d  "MAYHEM ON THE MAT"   (13 1/2 mins.)
 This bikini bout shows Stevie, in a leopard skin outfit, trying to out do Cindy, better known as "Sweet Savage".  Cindy never seems to tire, and attacks Stevie from every angle. All four of these fights have the action, realism and beauty for which Golden Girls has become intern....
GGC-121a   "A NEW CHAMP"   (61 minutes)
  After several months of inactivity, our championship belt came up for grabs in a series of super matches.  Elsa, our tiny hellcat, who held the cherished belt was challenged by equally diminutive Sue, our blonde beauty.  Sue in a one piece black outfit has learned a lot of wres....
GGC-121b   "A NEW CHAMP"   (15 1/2 minutes)
  Spice, still smarting from her defeat and loss of the belt, thinks Sue will be easy pickings.  The powerful Spice, in blue, pulverizes our blonde beauty in as lopsided a match as you can imagine.  Sue is tangled on the ropes and begs for mercy as the bigger girl belts her ....
GGC-121c   "A NEW CHAMP"   (19 1/2 minutes)
   The battle of the century!  Shelly, our big and dominant blonde challenges Spice to a winner take all donnybrook.  Spice is adept at all the pro moves and flips the blonde around the ring with her wide variety of holds.  Shelly responds the only way she knows ho....
GGC-122a  "BODIES BY GOLDEN GIRLS"  (19 minutes)
 Blonde Shelly, in lavender bottoms, tangles with mean Leslie, in a red and white striped bottom.  Both violent girls start out with white tank tops which soon are ripped from their athletic and endowed bodies. Leslie loves to attack her opponent's breasts, and this match is no excepti....
GGC-122c  "BODIES BY GOLDEN GIRLS"   (13 1/2 mins.)
 A brand new gladiator, April, in a bikini battle with "Sweet Savage" Cindy. April wears a multi colored bikini for her debut and attacks the quick Cindy in the only way she knows how, with a desire to win. Cindy, a ring wise warrior, gets April in a variety of excruciating holds and ....
GGC-123a "BIG BODIES BATTLE"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Our biggest, toughest girls go to the mat in this rough and tough display of female ring combat. In a pale white bikini, physical fitness nut Spice matches powerful holds with blue bikinied Terri in a match of our two biggest girls.  Terri has definition to her body and determination in h....
GGC-123b  "BIG BODIES BATTLE"   (8 mins.)
 Spice dons a faintly striped bikini to battle Leslie, whose blue bikini accentuates those powerful arms and thighs.  Athletic and beautiful, these big girls show a real dislike of each other as they do battle from corner to corner, rope to rope and flying across our ring.  It is one&....
GGC-123c   "BIG BODIES BATTLE"   (18 minutes)
 Shelly in a striped bikini against curvy Sue.  Sue, as usual, is matched against a larger girl and although she gets in her licks is belted around rather severely. An airplane spin befuddles the little blonde and a savage attack by the stomping Shelly soon has Sue in a state of shock....
GGC-124a  "GOLDEN PERFECTION"   (21 mins.)
 Pam is a perfectly proportioned blonde with a beautiful face and a girl next door look.  Certainly she is one of the most striking battlers ever to grace our mat and this DVD features her in three hard-fought bouts.  After viewing this one you may wish we'd feature her in mo....
GGC-124b  "GOLDEN PERFECTION"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 Brunette Jill battles yellow bikinied Pam in a wild scramble.  Pam wears the briefest bikini she's wrestled in yet, which shows her ample body off to its greatest advantage.  Little Jill attacks the blonde's gorgeous body and a real hellcat match ensues with a very strange bu....
GGC-124c  "GOLDEN PERFECTION"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 Sue, in a light bikini takies on Pam, attired in a blue striped bikini bottom with matching tank top. Nowhere will you ever see two more beautiful blondes risking permanent damage to their perfect bodies while fighting for real in a ring of wrestling.  No need to describe this ultimate fa....
GGC-128a  "RUSSIAN ROULETTE"   (17  mins.)
 Former champion Elsa, in a form fitting blue bikini wrestles Mindy, the Russian beauty.  Mindy wears a red mini bikini and the color matches the fire in her eyes. Choking and hairpulling are the order of the day as these two hellcats destroy one another.  The bout ends when one girl ....
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