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GGC-157c  "THE TOUGH ONES"   (16 mins.)
 Our fiercest girl, busty Belinda in blue challenges the Golden Cat in a tough girl contest.  Belinda's speed confuses the red bikinied Cat as she swarms all over the larger lass.  When Cat does catch Belinda she tries to crush her with her bodyweight and tries to mangle Beli..
$12.00 $9.50
GGC-171a  "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 Tall, pretty pros start this DVD with a bikini match as the "Golden Cat", in a black bikini battles Debbie, known as "Killer Tomato" in ring circles. Debbie, in a steel gray bikini, is as tall and talented as the Golden Cat and looks formidable with a wild perm of blon..
$14.00 $10.00
GGC-173a  "KONA THE BARBARIAN"   (16 mins.)
 Kona the Barbarian enters the squared circle with a blonde slavegirl , who prepares her for Kona's bout with Stevie.  Kona's magnificent body is encased in chains, plumes and fur, waistbands and jungle garb.  The slavegirl removes the accessories one by one and prepares the B..
$12.00 $9.50
GGC-175c  "BARBARIC BATTLES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Buxom blonde Pam, in a black and white print bikini challenges ebony star Vanessa in a white and blue striped bikini.  The black girl's taught body is subjected to a terrific onslaught by the aggressive white girl and tender white skin vies with a firm sepia form as this classic confr..
$13.00 $10.00
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