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GGC-113b  "THE GOLDEN GLADIATORS"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Renee, almost covered by a bright red bikini attacks the beautiful Mindy, in a revealing one piece white suit.  Mindy is out of the suit more than she's in it, as the fierce blonde pretzels and punishes her. Your juices will flow while you watch this display of beauty and brutality un..
$11.75 $10.00
GGC-113c  "THE GOLDEN GLADIATORS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Terri, our dark haired battler tangles with white outfitted Mindy, the near perfectly proportioned Russian.  Almost identical in size and shape, these two clamp hold after hold on each other until one almost destroys the other. Time: 17 1/2 minutes / 130.1 Mb / Format .mp4 &n..
$12.50 $10.50
GGC-115b  "SEMI-NUDE SAVAGRY"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Black suited and powerfully built Terri takes on lean and quick Stevie, who wears a cream colored bikini in a battle that you would think would be a complete mismatch.  Stevie makes up for the lack of bulk with a fighting spirit and gives the tanned Terri a taste of battle. You'll be ..
$11.75 $9.00
GGC-83a  "NEW BLONDES"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 Statuesque Denise, in a white bikini does combat with violent blonde newcomer Donna, in a hot pink bikini. Donna is our wildest wrestler yet and attacks Denise in a frenzy of cursing and destructive holds. Donna even attacks poor Denise's breasts as these two roll from pillar to post. Deni..
$9.00 $7.50
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