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GGC-209b  "MIXED FANTASIES"   (15 mins.)
 Lovely Pamala in a white zebra striped suite battles Mitch, who has a fine looking well toned body.  Mitch's strength pushes Pamala to the limits.  However, Pamala retaliates with many expert moves, holds, throws, and kicks that leave Mitch dazed.  Finally a strong body scis..
$10.75 $9.00
GGC-211a  "THE DYNAMIC DUAL"   (23 1/2 mins.)
 Elsa returns to do battle with both Belinda and newcomer Pamala in a spectacular two-on-one slaughter.  All three gorgeous women are dressed in bikinis of various yellows.  Elsa, who likes a good fight, has been training very hard at the gym and is in great shape for this battle, how..
$16.00 $13.00
GGC-213a  "A CUSTOM CLASH"   (26 1/2 mins.)
 A custom match featuring the statuesque Deziree.  The lovely, blue bikini clad, 23-year-old stands 5' 8" tall and weighs in at a shapely 120 lbs., has long coal black hair and a milk white complexion.  Her attractive blond opponent, Christina, in a yellow and black bikini, l..
$19.00 $14.00
GGC-214 "4 GIRL BATTLE ROYAL" (50 minutes)
     If you yearn for the gutsy action of Pro's, served straight with close in camera work and the sounds of combat instead of distracting commentary, GOLDEN GIRLS has it covered.  Sally (MISS 1989 U.S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), Holly, Cheryl (a petite sculptured bo..
$19.00 $14.00
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