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GGC-141b  "BLACK BRUTALITY"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 Cindy, in a red and white striped bikini battles dark haired newcomer, Dorothy.  Dorothy is a classic beauty, but what a battler! About halfway through their match Dorothy suddenly is unable to continue and fantastically beautiful black Vanessa enters the squared circle to battle Cindy. &..
$15.50 $10.00
GGC-142c  "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (16 mins.)
 In a classy combination, sweet blonde Sue battles Dorothy, our new dark haired vixen with the body of a voluptuous woman and the face of a teenager.  The white bikinied Sue enjoys finally battling a girl her own size.  Although not a topless match, the ferocity of the battle exposes ..
$11.75 $9.75
GGC-145a  "10 GIRL TAG"   (58  mins.)
 A ten girl tag riot with one full hour of non-stop action.  Never before has any promoter, amateur or pro, filled a ring with ten females for a tag team contest, let alone fill it with ten dynamic, well built and gorgeous gladiators.  Mike referees this donnybrook to a best of t..
$24.50 $15.00
GGC-148a  "BRAZEN BIKINIS"   (19 mins.)
 Big busted Shelly pops her top (for a moment) in an all out battle with spicy Leora.  Shelly, in a black bikini, tries to dominate the tiny tiger, but Leora shows all of the fight and heart that she displays in every match she's in.  Soon Leora has the big girl at a disadvantage ..
$13.75 $10.00
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