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GGC-85b  "SPECIAL INTEREST"   (26 mins.)
 This match features sandy haired heavily endowed Debbie, in a bright green bikini versus red bikinied sweet blonde Sue.  This is a body punching match, with blows delivered to each girl's stomach.  No gloves are used, so the bare fists do plenty of damage.  Debbie loses her ..
$18.00 $14.00
GGC-85c  "SPECIAL INTEREST"  (16 minutes)
 The final match is an apartment house brawl between our two black beauties on a snow white carpet.  Leopard suited Kai Kai battles athletic Peaches in as fierce an apartment house battle as you'll witness. Time: 16 minutes / 118 Mb / Format .mp4   -----------..
$11.00 $9.00
GGC-87b  "TAG AND TERROR"   (14 mins.)
 Here is a match that is violence personified.  Little dainty and beautifully built Sue, in a yellow and black bikini, catfights with fowl mouthed new blonde, Donna.  This is the battle that may change all of Golden Girls. Donna, who acts like a street fighter, bars no holds and const..
$10.25 $9.00
GGC-98b   "TITILLATION"   (16 minutes)
 Renee's bust looks like a twin Mt. Everest as she battles Leslie, clad in a revealing teddie.  The red bra and panties only accentuate the new blonde's magnificent body as these two battlers tussle over floor and couch to gain an advantage. Bodies are stretched and bruised as thes..
$11.25 $9.00
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