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GGC-119b  "MAYHEM ON THE MAT"   (14 mins.)
 Two tough blondes claw it out when red clad Pam gives tough Shelly all she can handle. Shelly tries all of her usual tough girl tricks but busty Pam is a bundle of dynamite and an all out war ensues.  One girl is definitely whipped, but for some reason you know she'll be back for anot..
$10.50 $9.25
GGC-121c   "A NEW CHAMP"   (19 1/2 minutes)
   The battle of the century!  Shelly, our big and dominant blonde challenges Spice to a winner take all donnybrook.  Spice is adept at all the pro moves and flips the blonde around the ring with her wide variety of holds.  Shelly responds the only way she knows ho..
$13.00 $9.50
GGC-124a  "GOLDEN PERFECTION"   (21 mins.)
 Pam is a perfectly proportioned blonde with a beautiful face and a girl next door look.  Certainly she is one of the most striking battlers ever to grace our mat and this DVD features her in three hard-fought bouts.  After viewing this one you may wish we'd feature her in mo..
$14.00 $11.50
GGC-141b  "BLACK BRUTALITY"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 Cindy, in a red and white striped bikini battles dark haired newcomer, Dorothy.  Dorothy is a classic beauty, but what a battler! About halfway through their match Dorothy suddenly is unable to continue and fantastically beautiful black Vanessa enters the squared circle to battle Cindy. &..
$15.50 $10.00
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