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GGC-121c   "A NEW CHAMP"   (19 1/2 minutes)
   The battle of the century!  Shelly, our big and dominant blonde challenges Spice to a winner take all donnybrook.  Spice is adept at all the pro moves and flips the blonde around the ring with her wide variety of holds.  Shelly responds the only way she knows ho..
$13.00 $9.50
GGC-124b  "GOLDEN PERFECTION"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 Brunette Jill battles yellow bikinied Pam in a wild scramble.  Pam wears the briefest bikini she's wrestled in yet, which shows her ample body off to its greatest advantage.  Little Jill attacks the blonde's gorgeous body and a real hellcat match ensues with a very strange bu..
$12.50 $10.00
GGC-140b  "NEW BUST BATTLES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Shelly, in a light green suit battles Stevie, in a blue and white bikini.  Stevie's gorgeous chest falls victim to our Champion's aggressive style as scissors holds, punching and hair pulling abound in this topless fury.  Shelly is surprised by Stevie's skill and the matc..
$12.75 $11.00
GGC-142c  "GIRLS NIGHT OUT"   (16 mins.)
 In a classy combination, sweet blonde Sue battles Dorothy, our new dark haired vixen with the body of a voluptuous woman and the face of a teenager.  The white bikinied Sue enjoys finally battling a girl her own size.  Although not a topless match, the ferocity of the battle exposes ..
$11.75 $9.00
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