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GGC-84a  "BATTLE ROYAL"   (30 1/2 mins.)
 We finally did it! A wild battle royal pitting four beautiful blondes in a winner take all match, with the last girl left winning it all. Not a tag team but each girl out for herself and at times three girls go after a single participant.  Our current champ, dark haired Elsa, tries to ref..
$17.50 $14.00
GGC-87a  "TAG AND TERROR"   (27 mins.)
 Two of the greatest matches ever filmed in this 3/4 of an hour DVD.  First, black Kai Kai teams with candy striped bikinied Sue to do battle with fiery Latin star Elsa and svelte blue outfitted Nancy.  Each team features a blonde and a dark warrior and these girls go for a violent 27..
$17.50 $14.00
GGC-87b  "TAG AND TERROR"   (14 mins.)
 Here is a match that is violence personified.  Little dainty and beautifully built Sue, in a yellow and black bikini, catfights with fowl mouthed new blonde, Donna.  This is the battle that may change all of Golden Girls. Donna, who acts like a street fighter, bars no holds and const..
$10.25 $9.00
Golden Girls  "Tv-Pilot"   (24 1/2 mins.)
 If you like beautiful women.... dynamic wrestling action....and locker-room interviews, you'll love this 25 minute, action-packed, made-for-television wrestling TV Pilot. Watch three explosive matches featuring eight of the most beautiful female wrestlers in the world !  All filmed in..
$17.75 $14.00
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