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GGC-105a  "HOLIDAY SPECIAL"   (16 mins.)
 Sweet Sue, in a devastating candy striped bikini takes on the Russian newcomer Mindy. Mindy, who is a furious performer, is outfitted in a sexy leotard outfit, and batters poor Sue all over the mat.  Sue, though, does not give in easily and gives the powerful newcomer a taste of Golden Gi..
$11.50 $10.00
GGC-113b  "THE GOLDEN GLADIATORS"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Renee, almost covered by a bright red bikini attacks the beautiful Mindy, in a revealing one piece white suit.  Mindy is out of the suit more than she's in it, as the fierce blonde pretzels and punishes her. Your juices will flow while you watch this display of beauty and brutality un..
$11.75 $10.00
GGC-123c   "BIG BODIES BATTLE"   (18 minutes)
 Shelly in a striped bikini against curvy Sue.  Sue, as usual, is matched against a larger girl and although she gets in her licks is belted around rather severely. An airplane spin befuddles the little blonde and a savage attack by the stomping Shelly soon has Sue in a state of shock..
$12.75 $10.50
GGC-80b  "MIXED MISERY"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Mike takes on our Golden Girl's Champion, the fiery Elsa in a red bikini.  Elsa matches Mike's strength and over matches him in desire.  This bout is as real of a mixed match as you will ever see, with plenty of holds and even some dirty moves on each combatant's part. &n..
$11.00 $9.00
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