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FV-108a   "Roman Rivals"   (18 mins.)
 Filmed in a poolside setting reminiscent of a classical Roman villa, two bored aristocrats, statuesque Tina, and her gorgeous counterpart Dawn goad their young female slaves into a fight to the death, to settle a bet.  The two youngsters are desperate and throw themselves at each other wi....
FV-108b   "Roman Rivals"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 Tina, and her gorgeous counterpart Dawn complain that their slave fight hadn't been fair.  Tempers  flare and, predictably, another fight starts between these equally brutal and more powerful women.  They are both more than ready to strip off their elegant robes and take eac....
GGC-170r  "GOLDEN GLOBES"  (18 mins.)
     Some of our collectors have waited for four years for this first match of what will become a classic match forever in the annals of female wrestling.  The voluptuous Goldie returns to the ring wars after over a year's absence.  Facing the beautiful Sue, in a bl....
GGC-31r   "THE RETURN OF GOLDIE"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 The extremely beautiful and talented Goldie returns to the ring in this bikini battle with Spice. Goldie has been busy this year in major TV and Film Productions and has appeared in the TV shows, "Today's FBI", "No Soap Radio" and "Fall Guy". Also she stars in....
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GGC-38r   "TAG TEAM"   (30 mins.)
 The most experienced of our Golden Girls go to the mat in our first ever tag team match in a two out of three fall riot. Multi-curved Goldie teams with aggressive Leslie and their revealing one piece white leotards can hardly contain their beautiful bodies. The opposition is dynamic blonde Sue....
GGC-48r   "PRO STYLE REVENGE"   (32 mins.)
 It took some time to come about, but the long awaited challenge battle started in GGC-13 is worth the wait. In a pro-style bikini match, the flaxen haired beauty of our stable, Goldie, takes on the voluptuous Latin spitfire, Elsa, in a 32 minute one fall fight to the finish. Wearing a daring r....
GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.)
  Pink French cut suited Goldie arrives with her Amateur Championship Belt to battle powerful purple suited Spice.  Goldie figured that after dispatching Spice twice in a row that the belt was hers.  This dramatic and dynamic two out of three fall riot shows without a doubt the realis....
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FB-101a  "FANTASY BATTLES"  (17 mins.)
  Two sunbathing beauties find it impossible to get along as personalities collide in a secluded backyard. Sultry Elsa doesn't back off to anyone, but to her surprise neither does Sheri. Can these girls fight? You bet they can!! You'll agree when you see this all-out, no holds barred ul....
FB-101b  "FANTASY BATTLES"  (16 mins.)
  Elsa, the extremely beautiful Latin "Spitfire" takes on exotic Holly in an apartment house setting. The scene opens with these two bikini clad beauties in a heated argument. Their living room erupts into a raging battleground as hair is pulled from its roots, faces and fannies slapp....
FB-101c  "FANTASY BATTLES"  (16 mins.)
  In this match, a calm bedroom becomes a battleground as Lisa's tranquility is challenged by the feisty Sheri. Shouts of rage come from these two experienced wrestlers as they are both prepared to show their superiority. Teeny bikinis slip and slide during this violent all-out battle.....
FB-102a  "BLAZING BOOBS"   (16 mins.)
 Two close friends, Trish and Holly are sun tanning in the backyard when suddenly the relationship grinds to a halt when the conversation erupts into a wild melee.  Tiny bikini tops are ripped off as bodies spill from blanket to grass. They fight like two she-cats in heat as each....
FB-102b  "BLAZING BOOBS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Quich and Lisa go at it in one of the hottest apartment match ever filmed.  Crazy Quiche shows no modesty as she lounges on the couch to Lisa's chagrin and that sparks an ultra sensual battle wherein bare breasts are grabbed, long thighs squeeze tortured, and fingers grasp private par....
FB-102c  "BLAZING BOOBS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Sexy Quich is on the bed massaging her equally beautiful friend Trish when they discover both are seeing the same man.  The soothing massage turns into a painful fight when delicate lingerie goes flying.  Bodies strain for survival as limbs are torn and twisted, hair is pulled and ti....
FB-103a  "GARTERS and LACE"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 Newcomer Susan, tall, tan and glisteningly wet from her shower, makes her wrestling debut as she tangles with exotic Holly.  Not enough clothing here to mention, just a teeny g-string and see-thru lace panties and bra.  Holly's bra is soon ripped away as she is over powered by th....
FB-103b  "GARTERS and LACE"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 Rosemary and Holly are featured in this ultra sexy battle. Frilly garters on creamy thighs, lacy panties on tight bottoms and volumptous breasts in teeny bras highlight this ultra sensuous she-cat battle.  Long fingernails scratch and claw each others' forbidden zones.  As the se....
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