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Ring Wrestling

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GGC-197a  "MORE PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Elsa, the fiery black haired Latin returns after a long absence to do battle with ebony-skinned Vanessa.  These two struggle on the ropes and under the ropes, as well as all over the ring.  A dominant hold earns a submission leaving the loser sweating and panting. Time: 16 1/2 min....
GGC-197b  "MORE PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (13 1/2 mins.)
 Black Vanessa is matched against our gorgeous Lisa.  Beautiful bodies are pounded to the mat, and straining muscles accentuate the perfect proportions of both athletic girls.  The match ends with the whipped loser unable to continue this day. Time: 13 1/2 minutes / 98.4 Mb / ....
GGC-197c  "MORE PEPPER-vs-SALT"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 Sexy Elsa in a white bikini goes against the smaller, but "oh-so-tough" Leora in black.  Plenty of your favorite holds here, as these two know their way around the ring. Throughout the match, the emphasis seems to be on endless agonizing leg holds. A back breaker puts an en....
GGC-198a  "CLASSY ACTION"   (15 mins.)
 Incredibly cute Crissy in a revealing orange and white bikini as she takes on sexy Robie in blue. Crissy can't seem to keep her top on during this intense match.  These two golden haired hell-cats are real fighters who hook up in a classic duel of great moves and excruciating action. ....
GGC-198b  "CLASSY ACTION"   (16 mins.)
 Next comes a single fall belt match refereed by Crissy.  Featured is our tough and beautiful Leora in a blue bikini against wild Lisa in orange.  A clean fight turns dirty as the girls disobey the rules by using hairpulling, biting, and choking to gain advantage over one another. &nb....
GGC-198c  "CLASSY ACTION"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 Athletic Leora in white returns to fight sexy Crissy, in a polka dotted bikini. Both girls use their strong, shapely legs to their greatest advantage in a variety of kicks and holds. Again, Crissy can't seem to keep her top on.  One battered beauty submits in a desperate attempt to be....
GGC-199a  "POWER HOUSE"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 In this match our well-muscled Spice in pink and green takes on Charlie, "The Golden Cat", in multi-colored bikini bottoms with a sexy black top.  Both of these dynamite beauties have trained to be pro wrestlers and possess incredible feminine beauty and muscularity.  Laugh....
GGC-200a  "TOUGH GIRLS"   (16 mins.)
 After the dynamic match in GGC-199, (Spice vs. Charlie), Spice's overconfident request for another challenger is met by the Austrian pro Olympia in the first match.  Beautifully muscled Spice is taken by surprise as Olympia mercilessly uses all her tricks to gain every advantage. &nbs....
GGC-200b  "TOUGH GIRLS"   (13 mins.)
 This match features two incredibly sexy beauties in irresistibly revealing bikinis.  Lisa in black takes on Quiche in light pink.  The camera throws the viewer into the core of this violent yet stimulating catfight.  Your adrenalin is pumping as you watch these perfect bodies ge....
GGC-200c  "TOUGH GIRLS"   (19 mins.)
 Spice in a blue bikini hooks up with blonde Sharon in white to fight a two-out-of-three fall match refereed by Crissy.  Spice is incredibly energetic at the outset, but Sharon surprises us with several brutal arm locks. Time: 19 minutes / 141.1 Mb / Format .mp4   ----....
GGC-205b  "BUST BELTERS"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 This fight was made as a collectors custom match, Ashley returns to the ring dressed in a leopard print string bikini to do battle with Christina, a pretty and petite blonde dressed in a blue string bikini.  Almost total domination is the name of the game in this fight!  Christina st....
GGC-207b  "BELT BUSTERS"   (16 mins.)
 This match features the long awaited CHAMPIONSHIP BELT MATCH between Leora, the reigning champion, and her surprising challenger Sharon, the cute all-American "girl next door".  Leora, clad in a steel bikini, removes the belt and shows her ring expertise!  Sharon in a white....
GGC-208a   "KATY CAT FIGHTS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
  This is a perfect match-up between two warriors of the same strength and equal knowledge of holds and moves.  The blond Andy, with a knockout body, wears a black lace suit that barely contains her large breasts while Cheryl, who is equally as beautiful, is in tip-top physical condit....
GGC-208b   "KATY CAT FIGHTS"   (19 mins.)
  Elsa, the Latin spitfire, returns to the ring in a black and white bikini that amply displays her near perfect body and large breasts.  Her competitor is Denese, in a black bikini, who has a tight body hardened by many long hours in the gym.  She moves with the quickness of a liones....
GGC-20a   "COMBINATION MATCHES"   (12 minutes)
 Sue and Leslie tangle in a bruising two out of three fall pro-type match. Leslie, in a tiny white string bikini, arrives in the ring in a white body stocking and purple cape and battles the blonde bombshell, attired in a figure hugging multi color French cut suit. Vicky referees this slam bang....
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