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GGC-215b  "BARE BOXING BRUTALITY"   (27 mins.)
 In this astonishing topless boxing match, Noel faces off against Pamela. These two athletic blondes battle it out adorned in only their gloves and tiny bottoms.  Each thriving to be the victor, these two don't hold anything back, not even breast mauling or fowl play.  Bodies fold....
     This match features Pam -vs- Sally in a very heated battle.  They twist and strain their sweating bodies as one bare breasted beauty is intent on choking the life out of her opponent. The fully exposed gladiators administer many agonizing holds to each other until one fair m....
    This match is between hard bodies Sally -vs- Jill. Both are out to win but one beautiful topless maiden takes the lead and starts torturing her petite super vixen opponent.  The girls glisten with sweat as they struggle in the most intense battle ever filmed. Finally one....
GGC-219b  "THE RING OF PUNISHMENT"  (25 1/2 mins.)
 If you have longed for a bout with nothing but lingering scissor holds, this is the match for you.  Christine (1986 PENTHOUSE PET of the MONTH) and Diane start out in street attire and sensually strip down to tiny bikini bottoms inside the ring of punishment.  First one beautiful bod....
GGC-220b  "NITRO EXPRESS"   (24 1/2  mins.)
 This match takes place outdoors on a windy and cold day in the GOLDEN GIRLS ring.  A beautiful background setting can be seen as this topless boxing bout begins.  The lustrous blond Belinda adorned only in white shorts and red gloves takes on Pam, a slinky blond vixen adorned in gree....
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GGC-224c  "CAT POWER"   (20 mins.)
 This is topless boxing match between experienced Belinda, in red trunks, and Selita, in blue trunks. Belinda clearly enjoys throwing punches to Selita's head, belly and breasts. This has to hurt, but doesn't seem too slow the pace of the match. The girls are in incredible shape, t....
GGC-39a  "TOPLESS TROUBLE"   (27 mins.)
 Sue and Leslie engage in a thirty minute apartment house melee as the undergarments go flying.  This match features vivid color and wild action and Sue looks devastating in her red bra and black panties.  Leslie really works over the brash blonde and the ending is dramatic. Time: ....
GGC-39b  "TOPLESS TROUBLE"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Blue bikinied Sue tangles with newcomer Jill, in a black thonged bikini.  Jill has a gorgeous near perfect body and her top is soon ripped off exposing her beautiful bust.  Jill has little experience, but a lot of desire and gives Sue a run for her money. Time: 15 1/2 minutes /&nb....
GGC-39c  "TOPLESS TROUBLE"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 This match features tawny Nancy in a white bikini vs. Leslie in a striped bikini.  These two girls want to ravage each other, and ravage they do, as their tops are torn away and their breasts are bared to their rival's savagery.  You will be shocked as to the ending of this one a....
GGC-47a  "TOPLESS TIGERS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Porn Queen Serena dons a blue bikini to battle lavender bikinied Debbie in a wild tussle.  Serena contacted Golden Girls to do this match and afterward she said, "I'm not used to real fighting".  When I filmed for others, the girls co-operated to make it look good."....
GGC-47b  "TOPLESS TIGERS"   (16  mins.)
 Blue bikinied Leslie slams and shakes svelte Nancy who starts out in a brief red two piece outfit.  This match is a rematch of their wild catfight in GGC-39, and the action is even tougher.  These two veterans of films and Southern California mud pits want to kill each other. ....
GGC-47c  "TOPLESS TIGERS"   (16  mins.)
 This match introduces brown haired Belinda in a tiny blue bikini who battles dark haired wildcat Jill out of her white bikini top.  Jill, of the perfect body, tears into the bewildered Belinda and the frenzied catfight takes its toll on both young girls.  This trio of topless tigeres....
GGC-50b  "BUSTING LOOSE"  (15 mins.)
    Then gorgeous long haired Jill dons a white leotard to battle golden haired Debbie in a Golden Girl bikini.  Debbie's bra is soon demolished and Jill soon finds her white suit is fitted around her waist.  They claw and tear their way to a titanic catfight and you'll m....
GGC-77a  "BRUISING BOSOMS"   (19 mins.)
 Dark haired Kelly in a tiger bikini goes after sweet Noel in a striped suspender outfit. The suspenders don't cover Noel's luscious breasts and soon firm busted Kelly is out of her top. The two dark haired lovelies are soon catfighting all over the Golden Girl's ring as each girl t....
GGC-77b "BRUISING BOSOMS"   (12 mins.)
 Belinda enters the ring in a white mini-dress and starts a battle with Noel. Belinda's mini doesn't stay on long and soon she is reduced to a pair of leopard skin panties. The light brown tressed Belinda matches every female cruelty with Noel as the semi-nude wrestlers tear at one anot....
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