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GGC-17b  "TOPLESS ACTION"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Nancy the svelte beauty who battled in the mud in GGC-7 tangles with Blond Barbie in our apartment house setting.  The nighties reveal a lot of the battlers and the language is brutal.  An erotic apartment catfight with a helpless loser. Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 113.4 Mb / Form....
GGC-185a  "MORE TOPLESS TUSSLES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Sexy Belinda battles with buxom Lynn-Marie as both pairs of exquisite breasts are bared quickly in this vicious fight. Prolonged holds accentuate the sensuality of this match.  The tension finally peaks as one girl is forced into submission. Time: 17 1/2 minutes / 130.6 Mb / Forma....
GGC-185b  "MORE TOPLESS TUSSLES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Lynn-Marie takes on muscular newcomer Michelle.  Soon bare to the waist, their tiny G-strings hardly cover their sexy bodies.  The girls twist each others arms and legs into agonizing holds as each tries to dominate the other.  The battle ends with a bitter beaten loser. Time....
 The sexy match is fully topless featuring experienced Belinda in lavender against  Lauren, our new Italian spitfire in red.  This all-out no-holds barred bout is certainly a nasty one.  These two wildcats smother, grab, and tear their way to a finish leaving one loser hopelessly....
 This is another match where the tiny bikini tops were impossible to keep on.  This frantic match has tough Belinda in yellow against fierce Crissy in white.  Crissy is a hot little newcomer with blue eyes, blonde hair and a gorgeous smile.  Don't let her small size fool you ....
GGC-192a  "EXCITING NEW BODIES"   (17 mins.)
 If you're ready to witness the most erotic and action packed fully topless movie ever... this exciting video is a must!  It opens with Shelly, the bustiest Golden Girl of all, as she takes on the wild and exotic Lisa.  These two wildcats display incredible fighting ability in thi....
GGC-192b  "EXCITING NEW BODIES"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 This match pits Quiche, one of our meanest she-cats, against newcomer Holly.  The match rages from apron to ropes as the tiny bikini tops are ripped off from the very beginning. Breasts are squeezed, waists are scissored, and beautiful bodies are thrown, stomped on and mauled until one fa....
GGC-192c  "EXCITING NEW BODIES"   (23 1/2 mins.)
 A fast moving erotic tag team fight between four topless felines!  Lynn-Marie teams up with newcomer Gwen to do battle with Jill and Michelle.  The tops are torn away in an instant as voluptuous Lynn-Marie sets out to conquer her opponents.  The action is fast and tough in this ....
GGC-195a  "GOLDEN BODIES"   (23 mins.)
 This match features bronze bodied Quiche in a black bikini and busty Shelly in blue.  Both big breasted beauties stretch and bruise each others bodies relentlessly.  A victory is not easily earned ending the match with totally bruised and battered bodies. Time: 23 minutes / 1....
GGC-195b  "GOLDEN BODIES"   (17 mins.)
 The strong and beautiful Lisa in black battles recent newcomer Holly in a sexy leopard print. Bodies are contorted into the strangest positions exposing every angle of their athletic bodies.  Nasty name calling leads to more violent moves, leaving the loser screaming out her surrender. ....
GGC-203c  "CUSTOM BASHES"   (22 1/2 mins.)
 This is a super sexy cat fight between two bare breasted she cats.  First, Tangi, a gorgeous auburn clad only in a hot pink bikini bottom, enters the ring followed by Talli, dressed in only a tiny blue g-string bottom, The battle erupts!!  Although these sexy gladiators are short on ....
GGC-204b  "OUT OF CONTROL"   (32 mins.)
 In this match, blond Noel does battle with Ashley, also a well toned and well built blond.  Both start out in tiny black bikinis.  A violent battle erupts as their tops are soon ripped from their athletic and well endowed bodies.  Breasts are constantly under attack throughout t....
GGC-207a  "BELT BUSTERS"   (13 mins.)
 In yet another display of bare boxing brutality, the newest GOLDEN GIRL warrior, Reo, is challenged by an outsider!  "Big Bad Jorgie" thinks she's real tough as she gets "cocky" and claims she can wipe out "any wimpy California girl"!  Well,... Reo j....
GGC-210a  "TOPLESS ONSLAUGHT"   (29 1/2 mins.)
 This is a slam-bang battle between Shelly and Belinda, the two devastating blonds.  Belinda, a little smaller than her opponent, is attired in a white lace bra and panties with matching gloves, tears after the red decked Shelly with reckless abandon.  The combatants start out in this....
GGC-215a  "BARE BOXING BRUTALITY"   (16 mins.)
 This match is for bare breasted boxing enthusiasts.  Neither Christine (1986 PENTHOUSE PET of the MONTH) nor Diane are pros at boxing, but they are very street wise and know where girls hate to be hit.  Each fighter possess her own style of savage fighting. They give it their all as ....
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