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GGC-108b  "BOXING BARE"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Boxing fans have been waiting years for this one.  This match features street fighter Belinda versus red pantied strong girl, Leslie.  The two vixens are great fighters and they slug it out from one corner to the other.  Each of these topless warriors know how to hit a....
GGC-111a  "BIG GIRLS BATTLE"   (24 mins.)
 Blonde bruiser Shelly, in a red bikini matches holds with tanned and terrific Terri, attired in a tiger striped suit. These two amazons are soon topless and they battle frantically to a twenty-four minute riot in the ring.  Strong legs pulverize each girl and the pain jumps out at you as ....
GGC-111b  "BIG GIRLS BATTLE"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Gorgeous red-haired Mindy, in a brief blue bikini takes on powerful blonde Shelly in yet another topless tussle. The Russian redhead gives the tough blonde all she can handle in a whale of a battle.  Mindy's sleek body is subjected to Shelly's cruel punishment but you'll find ....
GGC-111c  "BIG GIRLS BATTLE"   (16 mins.)
 This bout features huge busted Renee in a lavender bikini pitted against blue and white striped Terri.  These two gorgeous women are quickly reduced to bikini bottoms making Renee's huge bust look awesome.  Dark haired Terri savagely attacks the full figured blonde, but Renee com....
GGC-113a  "THE GOLDEN GLADIATORS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 It was only a matter of time before Renee and Shelly hooked up in a furious battle of the blondes.  Renee, in a blue bikini, has her hands full with Shelly, who starts out in a blue and white striped suit.  Voluptuous Renee is known throughout Southern California rings as a mean batt....
GGC-113b  "THE GOLDEN GLADIATORS"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Renee, almost covered by a bright red bikini attacks the beautiful Mindy, in a revealing one piece white suit.  Mindy is out of the suit more than she's in it, as the fierce blonde pretzels and punishes her. Your juices will flow while you watch this display of beauty and brutality un....
GGC-113c  "THE GOLDEN GLADIATORS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Terri, our dark haired battler tangles with white outfitted Mindy, the near perfectly proportioned Russian.  Almost identical in size and shape, these two clamp hold after hold on each other until one almost destroys the other. Time: 17 1/2 minutes / 130.1 Mb / Format .mp4 &n....
GGC-115a  "SEMI-NUDE SAVAGRY"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Two of our most dynamic girls battle it out to an exhausting conclusion.  Blonde tyrant Shelly, in a blue bikini battles black clad Mindy in a classic contest.  The powerful blonde soon has Mindy's exquisite breasts free from their harness and bangs the darker haired girl from pi....
GGC-115b  "SEMI-NUDE SAVAGRY"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Black suited and powerfully built Terri takes on lean and quick Stevie, who wears a cream colored bikini in a battle that you would think would be a complete mismatch.  Stevie makes up for the lack of bulk with a fighting spirit and gives the tanned Terri a taste of battle. You'll be ....
GGC-115c  "SEMI-NUDE SAVAGRY"   (17 mins.)
 This topless tussle brings back gorgeous Mindy, who starts with a lavender bikini, to do battle with big and busty Shannon, a new blonde in blue. Shannon uses her superior strength to wear down Mindy, but the bright and gutsy Mindy uses her knowledge of the ring to keep the issue in doubt. ....
GGC-117a  "ONSLAUGHT"   (33 mins.)
 The blue and white striped duo of tough Shelly and spirited Stevie battle pale suited Terri and Mindy.  What a holocaust as a pair of beautiful busts are soon banging around the mat.  Shelly is her usual self and her partner soon mimics her savage tactics. The gorgeous dark hair....
GGC-122a  "BODIES BY GOLDEN GIRLS"  (19 minutes)
 Blonde Shelly, in lavender bottoms, tangles with mean Leslie, in a red and white striped bottom.  Both violent girls start out with white tank tops which soon are ripped from their athletic and endowed bodies. Leslie loves to attack her opponent's breasts, and this match is no excepti....
GGC-122b  "BODIES BY GOLDEN GIRLS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Tiny Jill, in a white suit battles dark suited giant, Terri.  Terri, who is our largest girl at 5'-10" toys with tiny Jill, who finds her assets flapping around the ring.  As Terri is finishing off the ill matched Jill, Leslie, the violent one, jumps in the ring and attacks ....
GGC-127a  "BELTED BREASTS"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 Beautiful Belinda in brief blue bikini panties slugs it out with lithe dark haired Jill, attired in red and white bottoms only.  These two slug it out all over the Golden Girl's ring and brutal punches are landed to all the most sensitive areas of each girl's bodies.  Belinda....
GGC-127b  "BELTED BREASTS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Blonde newcomer Kerri, clad only in a lavender and white bottom, dukes it out with old favorite Kelly, attired in light blue.  Kelly looks bustier than ever in her return to the ring, and controls the smaller newcomer from the first bell.  Kerri has a lot of spirit, and soon takes Ke....
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