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GGC-144b  "BUSTY BITCHES"   (16 mins.)
 Then follows another sexy match as sweet Sue's lavender top falls prey to Kim's long nails. Kim's tri-color bikini is shredded from her body and the two lithe she-cats battle fearlessly all over the ring.  Nipples stand erect as the strenuous excitement of the struggle brings ....
GGC-147a  "RING ECSTASY"   (20 mins.)
 An orange bikini makes Pam's glorious tan look like a sun-lotion ad as this blonde tangles with platinum tressed Sue who begins with a light green bikini.  As the heat of battle rages on, both end up with bold bosoms bared to our cameras in a fight for survival.  Pam's superi....
GGC-153a  "DYNASTY"   (34 1/2 mins.)
 Our "Dynasty" fantasy shows big busted Shelly meeting slim Kim in a dressing room and arguing over a mutual boyfriend named Frank who evidently bought both girls new shoes and Kim a bejeweled anklet.  The friction erupts to a wrestling challenge that has both girls moving to the....
GGC-153b  "DYNASTY"   (16 mins.)
 Sweet-faced blonde newcomer named Crystal (Penthouse of the Year), in a leopard blue bikini faces off with red bikinied and athletic Stevie.  In a matter of minutes both girls are left only in their brief bottoms as they viciously wrestle from post to post, and rope to rope.  Crystal....
GGC-154a  "BARE BREASTED TAG TEAM"   (38 1/2 mins.)
 Sexsational is the only word to describe this 38 1/2 minute tag team match.  It's a topless tagamania!  Sue and Pam both wear snow-white bikinis and face the black bikinied pair of Belinda and Stevie. Four she-animals are soon bare to the waist, pulling and punching, shrieki....
GGC-154b  "BARE BREASTED TAG TEAM"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Mindy returns to the mat in a tiger striped bikini to vie with buxom blue attired Pam.  Reduced to a topless tussle, the two vixens give a tremendous display of fierce combat with many pro holds and catlike quickness.  The Russian Mindy has forgotten none of her wares and battles Pam....
GGC-170b  "GOLDEN GLOBES"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 This is an excellent topless match between our Russian beauty, Mindy, in a white bikini, and pale blue clad Belinda, our current champion.  These two perfectly defined and well built beauties clash in a majestic melee of hairpulling, scissors holds and body to body straining in a bout of ....
GGC-170c  "GOLDEN GLOBES"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Featuring a return match between baby doll Crystal, a platinum peach in a hot pink bikini and wide busted Stevie, in blue.  As in their original match, Stevie shows her experience by confusing the cute Crystal with many intricate holds, airplane spinning her to the mat and dominating the ....
GGC-170r  "GOLDEN GLOBES"  (18 mins.)
     Some of our collectors have waited for four years for this first match of what will become a classic match forever in the annals of female wrestling.  The voluptuous Goldie returns to the ring wars after over a year's absence.  Facing the beautiful Sue, in a bl....
GGC-174a  "BRUISED BOSOMS"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 The Russian beauty with the classic look, Mindy, in a hot pink bikini does battle with swimsuit queen Sue, in blue.  The smaller Sue is quick and dirty, and hairpulling catfighting erupts as the match gets sexier and sexier.  Both girls lose their teenie tops and two sets of exquisit....
GGC-174b  "BRUISED BOSOMS"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 This bout features huge blonde Shelly in a black bikini trying to destroy well built Stevie, in a cerise suit.  Shelly's huge breasts are unleashed from their moorings and her large body belts Stevie, half naked now, with a variety of holds learned from the pros.  Busts are squee....
GGC-179a  "BUST BASHERS"   (17 mins.)
 Giant blonde Shelly grapples with equally large Lynn-Marie as both pairs of magnificent tits are bared quickly in this vicious fight.  It's a she-fight of giant magnitude as these two big breasted beauties try to destroy their rival's femininity.  Boobs are twisted and smashe....
GGC-179b  "BUST BASHERS"   (9 1/2 mins.)
 This match pairs old favorite Leslie with former champion Belinda in a short but furious bare breasted brawl.  Both girls are in black to start but soon their tiny tops are torn away and Belinda, with longer, lighter hair starts to show Leslie why she was the champ.  You will see qui....
GGC-179c  "BUST BASHERS"   (14 mins.)
 Lynn-Marie, in darker blue, squares off with little wildcat, Jill, and again the tops are soon gone as both beautiful chests become targets of another girl's fingers.  The tiny Jill battles the buxom Lynn-Marie on an even basis and you'll thoroughly enjoy this sexsational she-figh....
GGC-17a  "TOPLESS ACTION"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 Finally, topless brutality!  Our two strongest and most dominant girls do battle. Spice in a mini suede bikini battles the athletic Leslie and they try to humiliate each other.  Then the inevitable happens.  Both tops are ripped away and the match is finished in topless beauty a....
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