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GGC-28a  "BOY-vs-GIRL"   (20 mins.)
   This match is between Spice, attired in a red French cut suit and handsome Ralph. You will be amazed at Spice's knowledge and domination. Time: 20 minutes / 146.6 Mb / Format .wmv   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------....
GGC-28d  "BOY-vs-GIRL"  (14 mins.)
   A rematch was soon arranged and Spice went to the mat in a beautiful red one piece suit. This match became more than a physical wrestling match and Jim was intent on putting Spice in her female place.  In fact Jim really pre-occupied Spice and at times she forgot she was in our rin....
GGC-3b   "BOY-vs-GIRL"   (11 1/2 minutes)
   This match features Leslie and Kurt and is another all out struggle with a beaten loser.  This match is for real! Time: 11 1/2 minutes / 84.9 Mb / Format .wmv   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------....
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