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GGC-178b  "FLYING FURY"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 A great bikini bout between green bikinied Belinda and cerise suited Spice. Two of our greatest girls ever give you a lesson in leglocks and scissors holds.  Spice is slightly larger but you can rely on bountiful Belinda to give any amateur in the world today a lesson in pro moves and lig....
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GGC-184a  "THREE HARD FOUGHT BELT MATCHES"   (16 1/2 mins.)
 Charlie  "The Golden Cat" takes on fiery Belinda, in a light blue and white bikini.  Golden Cat is wearing a black bikini with gloves to match.  She looks menacing in manner and action as she demonstrates a variety of holds.  Belinda, anxious to hold on to her bel....
 Next we have a two out of three fall belt match refereed by Robin.   Golden Cat, in an exotic black one piece, battles dynamite blonde Leora in light yellow.  Charlie's larger frame is no real advantage as Leora makes use of her quickness, experience, and ability.  The ....
GGC-184c  "THREE HARD FOUGHT BELT MATCHES"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 This match features sexy  Belinda in a gorgeous blue bikini, dueling with pretty Leora in a light pink and blue suit.  The action begins with airplane spins and leg scissors, then intensifies with flips, hair pulling, and head smashing against the posts.  The match finally ends ....
GGC-191a  "HEAVY DUTY ACTION"   (16 mins.)
 Olympia, the hefty Austrian pro challenges the smaller Charlie. Heavy duty action develops as Olympia begins demonstrating her vast wrestling experience with smooth continuity.  Charlie's intense determination leads them into some high flying action and agonizing holds.  A shriek....
GGC-191b  "HEAVY DUTY ACTION"   (27 1/2 mins.)
 This is a two out of three fall belt match highlighting busty Shelly in a white bikini against tall, strong Patty in blue.  Shelly is anxious to hang on to her Championship Belt as she begins with aggressive scissors holds from the start.  The girls resort to a few unladylike tricks ....
GGC-199b  "POWER HOUSE"   (14 mins.)
 Quiche, one of our meanest she-cats in yellow takes on the agile Leora in white.  Both of these beauties have the firmest and most shapely legs and derrieres imaginable.  These two wildcats take turns in punishing each other with a wide array of pro holds.  An extremely violent ....
GGC-199c  "POWER HOUSE"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Wild and exotic Lisa does battle with the black gloved "Golden Cat". The match appears to be one-sided as the valiant Cat literally thrashes Lisa from head to toe.  The ferocity of this match will shock you. Time: 15 1/2 minutes / 113.8 Mb / Format .mp4   --....
GGC-200a  "TOUGH GIRLS"   (16 mins.)
 After the dynamic match in GGC-199, (Spice vs. Charlie), Spice's overconfident request for another challenger is met by the Austrian pro Olympia in the first match.  Beautifully muscled Spice is taken by surprise as Olympia mercilessly uses all her tricks to gain every advantage. &nbs....
GGC-200c  "TOUGH GIRLS"   (19 mins.)
 Spice in a blue bikini hooks up with blonde Sharon in white to fight a two-out-of-three fall match refereed by Crissy.  Spice is incredibly energetic at the outset, but Sharon surprises us with several brutal arm locks. Time: 19 minutes / 141.1 Mb / Format .mp4   ----....
GGC-214 "4 GIRL BATTLE ROYAL" (50 minutes)
     If you yearn for the gutsy action of Pro's, served straight with close in camera work and the sounds of combat instead of distracting commentary, GOLDEN GIRLS has it covered.  Sally (MISS 1989 U.S. MARINE CHAMPION BODY BUILDER), Holly, Cheryl (a petite sculptured bo....
 Golden Girls has done it again!  At great expense we have imported two terrific professional girl wrestlers into our own Golden Girl gym for a two out of three fall match complete with referee.  The current NWA U.S. Ladies Champion is Sandy Partlow and she looks like a champion in he....
GGC-43b     "THE PROS VISIT GOLDEN GIRLS"    (19 minutes)
 Spice, one of our beautiful talented amateurs matches holds with Sandy Partlow, the pro.  The referee really had his work cut out for him when purple suited Spice really went after black and white suited Sandy to prove she belonged in the same ring.  You'll be amazed at Spic....
GGC-43c  "THE PROS VISIT GOLDEN GIRLS"   (24 1/2 mins.)
 White bikinied Spice battles the villainous Jane O'Brien in a grudge match. Spice does manage to get Jane in several good holds, but Jane gives Spice a beating she will long remember.  The brunette is kicked and gouged, tossed and stomped by the black suited and black hearted Jane.&nb....
GGC-45a   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (31 minutes)
 Our two largest and strongest girls, Spice and Leslie, go to the mat in identical gold bikinis in the first match.  Spice has longer, darker hair and is easily distinguishable from the lighter haired, athletic Leslie.  These two battle it out with some of the wildest s....
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