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GGC-45b   "AMATEURS IN ACTION"   (18 1/2 minutes)
 This match features a fresh newcomer, Cindy, to our Golden Girls ring.  In a striped leotard with a "V" cut all the way to the waist, Cindy has a lot of surprises for the blue bikinied Spice.  Cindy is a Hollywood stunt woman, and has done much of the ring work fo....
GGC-48r   "PRO STYLE REVENGE"   (32 mins.)
 It took some time to come about, but the long awaited challenge battle started in GGC-13 is worth the wait. In a pro-style bikini match, the flaxen haired beauty of our stable, Goldie, takes on the voluptuous Latin spitfire, Elsa, in a 32 minute one fall fight to the finish. Wearing a daring r....
GGC-49b  "RING RIOT"   (16 mins.)
 Powerful Cindy battles the bikinied Leslie in a two of three fall contest with referee.  Cindy, who is a Hollywood Stunt woman, gave the brazen Spice a hell of a match and in this one she proves it was no fluke. Clad in a brown one piece glamour suit, she and Leslie fill the air with drop....
GGC-53a  "GO WEST, YOUNG WOMAN"   (27 mins.)
 The arch-villain of the pro ring, Jane O'Brien does battle with sweet faced Jackie West in this all out professional contest filmed in the Golden Girls' gym.  Jackie is attired in a purple one piece suit and this chesty young veteran of the mat gives the black clad Jane a real con....
GGC-53b  "GO WEST, YOUNG WOMAN"  (32 mins.)
  The violence of two tough pros comes to the Golden Girls' gym.  Barefoot Marie LaVerne battles young but tough Kay Sinclair.  Every comment, shout and scream is heard in this dynamite two out of three fall match.  Just good hard wrestling with a lot of science.  We don....
GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.)
  Pink French cut suited Goldie arrives with her Amateur Championship Belt to battle powerful purple suited Spice.  Goldie figured that after dispatching Spice twice in a row that the belt was hers.  This dramatic and dynamic two out of three fall riot shows without a doubt the realis....
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GGC-71a  "BRAWLING FOR THE BELT"   (29 1/2 mins.)
 Spice, the current Golden Girls champion, is challenged by athletic stunt girl Cindy in a two out of three fall spectacular battle.  This epic fight is a bikini battle with white clad Spice giving blue bikinied Cindy all she has.  The brief suits show off the muscular fitness of both....
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