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FB-120b  "SEXY BARE BREASTS BATTLES"  (20 1/2 mins.)
  Tina, takes on Mary Jane in a incredibly sensual catfight battle!  Tina, an absolutely gorgeous and well built honey blonde, flashes her ample breasts at Mary Jane as the tiny tops are torn away, leaving both beautiful felines in only the tiniest of G-Strings.  Both girls ....
FB-120c  "SEXY BARE BREASTS BATTLES"  (19 mins.)
   Tina, (now with one sensational bout under her belt), desides to take on Noelle. What follows is a spectacular struggle between two evenly matched wildcats!  Soon, bare to the waist with only little G-Strings, they set out to totally destroy one another in a savage struggle. ....
FB-125a  "DOUBLE PUNISHMENT"  (32 1/2 mins.)
  Voluptuous Lisa gets into a heated argument with her new roommate Bobbi.  The two beauties decide to battle it out at a nearby gym.  Bobbi, a sultry redhead, is as street wise as her opponent is ringwise and she is only angered more as her clothing is ripped away expo....
BBC-001  "GOLDIES TOPLESS RETURN"   (48 1/2 mins.)
 (Sexy Bedroom and Living Room Battles)    This film was produced by Goldie herself and is one of her last productions in which she starred in. The match features Goldie and Elsa as two mismatched roommates who try to share a new home.  Three different battles eru....
Parent Company Golden Girls
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