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FB-103c  "GARTERS and LACE"   (15 mins.)
 This battle begins as innocent Rosemary, clad in a white lace teddy, catches our curvacious, g-stringed, well toned Susan invading the privacy of her own personal space.  Susans' temper flares when Rosemary challenges her morals.  Lace is torn and discarded as one beautiful amazo....
FB-105a  "OUT OF CONTROL"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 This scene opens with Brandi and Cherise, sharing a shower.  After toweling off, Brandi slips on her tiny black g-string and prepares for a laid back evening at home.  Although the girls get along in water, Cherise, donned only in a white lace g-string, steams over Brandi's selec....
FB-105b  "OUT OF CONTROL"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Voluptuous Quiche is challenged by Brandi, dressed in see-thru white lace undies, shear black robe and high spiked heels. The flimsy garments are soon torn away revealing only the skimpiest of panties.  Quiche, doing her famous face and chest sitting routine, leaves the smaller body bucki....
FB-105c  "OUT OF CONTROL"   (18 mins.)
 Brandi and Lisa have planned a formal night out, dressed in their pastel evening gowns.  Underneath, we soon discover, both are wearing lacy garter belts, silk stockings, high heels and the teeniest panties.  As an argument ensues, both gorgeous dresses are ripped to shreds, revealin....
FB-108a  "TOPLESS TAG AND TERROR"  (17 1/2 mins.)
   LISA, starts out in a pink and white French cut out suit immediately stripped to the waist, is shorter on knowledge but long on desire as pure intensity is her only weapon versus the ring veteran, SHELLY. Shelly's enormous breasts soon pop out of her tiny white bikini... she uses th....
FB-108b  "TOPLESS TAG AND TERROR"  (32 mins.)
   If you like tag teams as we like tag teams, then this one really smokes!  This tag team spectacular will give you your money's worth of the finest and sexiest battling ever as four sets of beautiful busts are banged around the mat.  Real bad Teal teams up with raven haired....
FB-109a  "SHE-CAT DESTRUCTION"   (20 1/2 mins.)
 Elsa, our lusty Latin spitfire, nicely dressed in a cream colored mini dress arrives home early from a business trip.  Elsa is totally unaware that in the very next room is Shelly (Elsa's new husbands mistress).  Shelly, dressed to kill in a black see-through lace teddy, black ga....
FB-109b  "SHE-CAT DESTRUCTION"    (21 1/2 mins.)
 Belinda finds her friend Elsa crying, torn, and beaten.  Belinda sends Elsa for help and pulls Shelly back into the bedroom seeking her friends revenge.  No holds are barred in this erotic display of female savagery.  Shelly again gets the chance to tear off yet another expensiv....
FB-109c  "SHE-CAT DESTRUCTION"    (14 1/2 mins.)
 Jealousy rears it's ugly head this time between Belinda and Elsa.  Starting as a friendly chat between the two girls dressed in sexy teddies, an outrageous battle begins when Belinda gives Elsa additional information about her two-timing husband.  Friendships are discarded along ....
FB-110  "SWEET CREAM"   (29 mins.)
 Three sensationally gorgeous girls dressed in cocktail dresses, garter belts, silk stockings, and high heel pumps prepare for a large banquet.  Ultimately a battle erupts and their expensive cloths are ruthlessly smeared with baked beans, ketchup, mustard, and over 40 cream pies!  Ga....
FB-113a  "QUEEN OF THE RING"   (22 mins.)
  Teal Roberts, the famous Hollywood starlet, tanned and toned in her one piece French cut suit stands ready for combat with newcomer Stephanie.  Teal severely underestimated this lithe blonde beauty, wearing a black French cut suit, who uses high flying maneuvers highlight this ....
FB-113b  "QUEEN OF THE RING"  (16 1/2 mins.)
   Petite and curvy Brandi, clad only in a metallic orange G-String bikini, shows our Italian spitfire Elsa that dynamite comes in small packages. This match, between two hate filled girls, explodes with fierce action. Each girl seems to take delight in battering her opponen....
FB-114  "GUT REACTION"   (25 1/2 mins.)
 This super sexy, super intense video will capture the hearts of all you wrestling and boxing fans.  Three gorgeous she-cats are featured in this bare fisted body punching extravaganza!  The battles start out with svelte newcomer Amy, donned in the skimpiest G-String bikini, and ....
FB-115  "WHITE WEDDING"  (46 mins.)
IT WAS A NICE DAY FOR A WHITE WEDDING...    This mini movie opens with Elsa, our blushing bride being congratulated by her best friend Goldie. During the conservation, Elsa learns from Goldie that the wedding reception is being catered by Shelly, the ultra busty, ultra bitchy, and ultra ....
FB-120a  "SEXY BARE BREASTS BATTLES"  (19 1/2 mins.)
   Dark haired and erotically built Mary Jane making her wrestling debut with Noelle, an experienced catfighter, who has built her upper body into an awesome sight!  Mary Jane, short on knowledge but long on desire, uses pure determination as her only weapon against the....
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