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GGC-55r "THE CHAMP" (15 mins.)

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GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.)
GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.) GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.) GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.) GGC-55r  "THE CHAMP"  (15 mins.)
Golden Girls Talent:   Goldie vs Spice
Price: $10.50

  Pink French cut suited Goldie arrives with her Amateur Championship Belt to battle powerful purple suited Spice.  Goldie figured that after dispatching Spice twice in a row that the belt was hers.  This dramatic and dynamic two out of three fall riot shows without a doubt the realism and competitiveness of our girls.  Spice, after a few bouts with the pros, has learned some really rough holds, and Goldie screams out her pain as Spice is hell bent for revenge.  The third fall ends the match with an excruciating back-breaker and the loser submits rather than risks a crippling injury.

Time: 15 minutes / 110.8 Mb / Format .mp4

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