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GGC-24c  "WILD WOMEN"  (16 mins.)
  Gorgeous Sue dons a white one piece suit to battle dark haired Spice in what starts out as a pro type match.  The experienced Spice, in a black lace cut suit, is an excellent athlete and starts to show Sue that she's in the wrong ring.  Then the action changes, and the girls tur....
GGC-29   "BARROOM BRAWL"   (30 1/2 minutes)
 This great film features a hot oil wrestling sequence in a California night club.  Kim and Elsa are introduced to the audience and Kim does her sexy strip act prior to the bout.  Next Elsa arrives and does a dynamic belly dance for which she has become famous in Southern California, ....
GGC-41b  "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 Our two raven haired beauties,Elsa and Vicky battle in an apartment catfight. Vicky gives it her best, but she can't keep her breasts contained in her sexy negligee. Then a male intruder interupts their destruction derby! Time: 12 1/2 minutes / 89.1 Mb / Format .mp4  ....
GGC-41c  "MIXED DELIGHTS"   (10  mins.)
 Our "California Girl" blonde Robin takes on two separate men in a mixed maul.  No faking in this violent match.  This movie has a vast variety of wrestling positions and should satisfy everyone's taste. Time: 10 minutes / 73.2 Mb / Format .mp4   --------....
GGC-85a  "SPECIAL INTEREST"   (12 1/2 mins.)
 This match takes place in our ring between blonde Robin, in a gold mini-dress and Sue, in a white mini.  Both girls start the match in spiked heels, but it doesn't slow down the action one bit. Plenty of strong wrestling in this one, with plenty of underwear showing throughout. Tim....
GGC-85b  "SPECIAL INTEREST"   (26 mins.)
 This match features sandy haired heavily endowed Debbie, in a bright green bikini versus red bikinied sweet blonde Sue.  This is a body punching match, with blows delivered to each girl's stomach.  No gloves are used, so the bare fists do plenty of damage.  Debbie loses her ....
GGC-85c  "SPECIAL INTEREST"  (16 minutes)
 The final match is an apartment house brawl between our two black beauties on a snow white carpet.  Leopard suited Kai Kai battles athletic Peaches in as fierce an apartment house battle as you'll witness. Time: 16 minutes / 118 Mb / Format .mp4   -----------....
Golden Girls  "Tv-Pilot"   (24 1/2 mins.)
 If you like beautiful women.... dynamic wrestling action....and locker-room interviews, you'll love this 25 minute, action-packed, made-for-television wrestling TV Pilot. Watch three explosive matches featuring eight of the most beautiful female wrestlers in the world !  All filmed in....
FB-102a  "BLAZING BOOBS"   (16 mins.)
 Two close friends, Trish and Holly are sun tanning in the backyard when suddenly the relationship grinds to a halt when the conversation erupts into a wild melee.  Tiny bikini tops are ripped off as bodies spill from blanket to grass. They fight like two she-cats in heat as each....
FB-114  "GUT REACTION"   (25 1/2 mins.)
 This super sexy, super intense video will capture the hearts of all you wrestling and boxing fans.  Three gorgeous she-cats are featured in this bare fisted body punching extravaganza!  The battles start out with svelte newcomer Amy, donned in the skimpiest G-String bikini, and ....
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