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GGC-224c  "CAT POWER"   (20 mins.)
 This is topless boxing match between experienced Belinda, in red trunks, and Selita, in blue trunks. Belinda clearly enjoys throwing punches to Selita's head, belly and breasts. This has to hurt, but doesn't seem too slow the pace of the match. The girls are in incredible shape, t....
GGC-57a  "THE BRAWLERS"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 Blue and white bikini clad Elsa does battle with curvy blonde Sue in her black bikini.  Plenty of wild action as both girls get in some sneak punches that sting their opponent.  After some wild punching and swinging, the girls get frustrated and finish the match tearing their gloves ....
GGC-57b  "THE BRAWLERS"   (12 mins.)
 Dark haired buxom Elsa punches it out with sweet svelte Kim.  One girl is vastly superior to the other and knocks her opponent from pillar to post.  No doubt here who is the aggressor. This duo of female boxing action is a must for you fans of feminine fighting. Time: 12 minutes /....
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