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GGC-47d  "TOPLESS TIGERS"   (8  mins.)
 The final match features our two raven haired beauties, Elsa and Vicky who battle in an apartment catfight. Vicky gives it her best, but she can't keep her breasts contained in her sexy negligee. Then a male intruder interupts their destruction derby! Time: 8 minutes / 58....
GGC-54c  "FELINE FURY"   (14 1/2 mins.)
 This match features a lingerie clad apartment house struggle between two of our sexiest blondes, Sue and Robin.  Sue, in her bright red bra and panties violently battles pink lingeried Robin as they roll all over the living room floor. A terrific catfight with gorgeous girls in an all out....
GGC-85c  "SPECIAL INTEREST"  (16 minutes)
 The final match is an apartment house brawl between our two black beauties on a snow white carpet.  Leopard suited Kai Kai battles athletic Peaches in as fierce an apartment house battle as you'll witness. Time: 16 minutes / 118 Mb / Format .mp4   -----------....
GGC-98a  "SPICE Goes TOPLESS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 The body builder Spice enters the scene with roommate Elsa, all prepared to show off her powerful body in a contest.  The striped bikinis both girls sport soon create a violent argument and Spice's top is soon in shreds. Elsa is a veritable tiger as she tries every obscene trick in th....
GGC-98b   "TITILLATION"   (16 minutes)
 Renee's bust looks like a twin Mt. Everest as she battles Leslie, clad in a revealing teddie.  The red bra and panties only accentuate the new blonde's magnificent body as these two battlers tussle over floor and couch to gain an advantage. Bodies are stretched and bruised as thes....
GGC-98c   "TITILLATION"   (12 1/2 minutes)
 A topless fight features our two newest gladiators. Blonde Valorie and raven tressed Elsa can't share the same man and a fierce battle erupts as two women rivals fight like cats to see who is really superior.  Valorie's body is soon bare except for her bikini briefs as the tempest....
GGC-98d  "TITILLATION"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 This match has to be the most exciting and erotic topless catfight ever filmed.  Busty Elsa and resplendent Renee argue over some undergarment and their mini-dresses are soon ripped off. Renee's bra goes next, exposing the most magnificent chest of any of our girls.  Elsa's t....
FB-101b  "FANTASY BATTLES"  (16 mins.)
  Elsa, the extremely beautiful Latin "Spitfire" takes on exotic Holly in an apartment house setting. The scene opens with these two bikini clad beauties in a heated argument. Their living room erupts into a raging battleground as hair is pulled from its roots, faces and fannies slapp....
FB-101c  "FANTASY BATTLES"  (16 mins.)
  In this match, a calm bedroom becomes a battleground as Lisa's tranquility is challenged by the feisty Sheri. Shouts of rage come from these two experienced wrestlers as they are both prepared to show their superiority. Teeny bikinis slip and slide during this violent all-out battle.....
FB-102b  "BLAZING BOOBS"   (17 1/2 mins.)
 Quich and Lisa go at it in one of the hottest apartment match ever filmed.  Crazy Quiche shows no modesty as she lounges on the couch to Lisa's chagrin and that sparks an ultra sensual battle wherein bare breasts are grabbed, long thighs squeeze tortured, and fingers grasp private par....
FB-102c  "BLAZING BOOBS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Sexy Quich is on the bed massaging her equally beautiful friend Trish when they discover both are seeing the same man.  The soothing massage turns into a painful fight when delicate lingerie goes flying.  Bodies strain for survival as limbs are torn and twisted, hair is pulled and ti....
FB-103a  "GARTERS and LACE"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 Newcomer Susan, tall, tan and glisteningly wet from her shower, makes her wrestling debut as she tangles with exotic Holly.  Not enough clothing here to mention, just a teeny g-string and see-thru lace panties and bra.  Holly's bra is soon ripped away as she is over powered by th....
FB-103b  "GARTERS and LACE"   (18 1/2 mins.)
 Rosemary and Holly are featured in this ultra sexy battle. Frilly garters on creamy thighs, lacy panties on tight bottoms and volumptous breasts in teeny bras highlight this ultra sensuous she-cat battle.  Long fingernails scratch and claw each others' forbidden zones.  As the se....
FB-103c  "GARTERS and LACE"   (15 mins.)
 This battle begins as innocent Rosemary, clad in a white lace teddy, catches our curvacious, g-stringed, well toned Susan invading the privacy of her own personal space.  Susans' temper flares when Rosemary challenges her morals.  Lace is torn and discarded as one beautiful amazo....
FB-105a  "OUT OF CONTROL"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 This scene opens with Brandi and Cherise, sharing a shower.  After toweling off, Brandi slips on her tiny black g-string and prepares for a laid back evening at home.  Although the girls get along in water, Cherise, donned only in a white lace g-string, steams over Brandi's selec....
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