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GGC-145a  "10 GIRL TAG"   (58  mins.)
 A ten girl tag riot with one full hour of non-stop action.  Never before has any promoter, amateur or pro, filled a ring with ten females for a tag team contest, let alone fill it with ten dynamic, well built and gorgeous gladiators.  Mike referees this donnybrook to a best of t..
$24.95 $19.00
GGC-148b  "BRAZEN BIKINIS"   (19 1/2 mins.)
 Lynn-Marie wearing a striking white bikini battles bountiful Belinda in a tri-hued outfit.  Both girls are well trained and the sounds of agony accentuate this fierce struggle.  Muscle definition aplenty as each girl stretches, squeezes and crushes her opponent in as good a match as ..
$14.00 $12.00
GGC-154a  "BARE BREASTED TAG TEAM"   (38 1/2 mins.)
 Sexsational is the only word to describe this 38 1/2 minute tag team match.  It's a topless tagamania!  Sue and Pam both wear snow-white bikinis and face the black bikinied pair of Belinda and Stevie. Four she-animals are soon bare to the waist, pulling and punching, shrieki..
$25.00 $19.50
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