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GGC-73b  "BLONDE BOMBERS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Debbie, in a creamy white bikini, clashes with leopard bikinied Nancy.  These two are almost exactly even in height and weight, and a hectic brawl is the result of their apparent dislike for each other.  The sleek Nancy punishes cute Debbie for a while and then the well built strawbe..
$11.00 $9.00
GGC-79a  "BLONDE SHE-CATS"   (15 1/2 mins.)
 Statuesque Kim in a yellow bikini takes on the smaller but quicker Sue, whose body looks like a statue in a leopard bikini.  These two blondes have met before and this bout is the best of their battles.  Both have wrestled for several years in Southern California and both know all th..
$11.50 $9.50
GGC-84a  "BATTLE ROYAL"   (30 1/2 mins.)
 We finally did it! A wild battle royal pitting four beautiful blondes in a winner take all match, with the last girl left winning it all. Not a tag team but each girl out for herself and at times three girls go after a single participant.  Our current champ, dark haired Elsa, tries to ref..
$17.50 $15.00
GGC-95a  "BLOND BOMBERS"   (17 mins.)
 The two most exquisite blonds in the Golden Girl's stable stage a ring riot with the fiercest action yet.  Magnificent Renee, in a cream bikini nearly murders svelte blond Sue, attired in red and blue striped ring bikini.  Sue is on the receiving end of most of the punishment, as..
$12.50 $10.00
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